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Golden State Warriors Training Camp Links - Day 4

Day 4's morning practice just finished. There was some non-contact practice, then shooting drills. I saw Udoh wearing a left wrist wrap (brace?) and I saw Lin with a right shoulder brace, probably for that "loose shoulder" reported earlier this week. In the background, you can see Biedrins practicing some around-the-paint jump shots. In the foreground, there's a 3 pt around-the-world-with-punishment shooting practice going on. "With-punishment" means the shooter has to go back to the previous spot if he misses 3 times at that spot. 3 made shots, and the shooters goes to the next spot. The shooters were Curry, Radman, Reggie, and DWright. Guess who finished 1st and who finished last.

As for news, if there are any news, they'll come later in the day. The only real piece of news I'm waiting for is who the captains will be. It's safe to say that Monta and Lee will be captains. Will there be a third captain, perhaps a bench captain?

Tomorrow's interviews: David Lee, a surprise Ast Coach.

Training Camp Videos

- Practice footage, then interviews with Stephen Curry and Ast Coach Stephen Silas.
Stephen Curry: 2nd training camp, playing through the rookie season, the new logos, Team USA and FIBA experience, backcourt defense with Monta, Biedrins.
Stephen Silas: coaching summer league, Keith Smart, contacting players during the offseason, Monta's maturity.
UStream Video Link: Fri morning practice and Stephen Curry interview
UStream Video Link: Stephen Silas interview

Keith Smart describes the coaching staff duties.

KNBR mp3s

- Transition from the front office to the coaching bench, the small backcourt, DWright, Lee, Biedrins, Keith Smart, Jerry Sloan, coaching NBA players in general, his role on the staff.
14:53 min: Calbert Cheaney with Fitz and Brooks

Interesting tweets

(some off duty team chemistry last night. The_Nightmare13 = Udoh)
reggiew55: Benihana's w/ @DWRIGHTWAY1 @JLin7 @The_Nightmare13 and @StephenCurry30
flintstone14 (Ch. Bell): @DWRIGHTWAY1 @reggiew55 @jlin7 @the_nightmare13 @stephencurry30 no call huh. Smh
StephenCurry30: @flintstone14 as the PG I'll take the blame for this one. I'm allowed 1 turnover on the season and that was it
flintstone14 (Ch. Bell): @StephenCurry30 no doubt. I guess for payback. I will not let you get a shot up tomorrow. Turning up the defense. Lol
StephenCurry30: @flintstone14 fair enough. Good thing we are prolly gonna be on the same team lol

DWRIGHTWAY1: Bro I did not set this up lmfao. I thought every1 was on the roster. RT @flintstone14: @DWRIGHTWAY1 @reggiew55 @jlin7 @the_nightmare13 @stephencurry30 no call huh. Smh
flintstone14 (Ch. Bell): @DWRIGHTWAY1 @reggiew55 it's all good. I didn't want to go no way. Well. Maybe a little. Lol
(from morning practice)
MSteinmetzCSN: Warriors' Lou Amundson sitting out Friday practices with lower back stiffness. Hasn't done much all week. #GSW #NBA

Other stuff

- With more ball handlers and play makers on the floor, Warriors expected to do more moving and cutting this season.
Matt Steinmetz: Warriors' Curry: More Motion to This Year's Offense

- Bits and pieces about training camp invitees Cheyne Gadson and Vernon Goodrich, BWright at the 3, and Chris Mullin possibly joining the Knicks.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors notebook: At 30, Cheyne Gadson hopes to make Golden State as backup point guard


- Amundson sat out another practice on Fri morning because of the lower back.
- Monta estimated a 60-40 ratio of defense-offense in the training camp so far.

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