Thoughts on Jeremy Lin


Gotta love hustle plays.


A lot of people are excited about Jeremy Lin, partly for the right reasons, partly for the wrong. Like most Warriors fans, I am intrigued. There are good reasons to be so. Lin is not too short for a point guard, which is a good start and has pretty good athleticism, as he displayed in summer league:

The moment that really skyrocketed Lin’s stock was when execs watched him go toe-to-toe with the top overall pick John Wall. Lin made Wall look silly on both ends of the court and proved that the main knock on him, athleticism, was not one that needed to be worried about.


To go "toe-to-toe" with John Wall and not being phased by that kind of pressure speaks well of him. As a noted University of Connecticut coach pointed out...

"I've seen a lot of teams come through here, and [Jeremy Lin] could play for any of them. He's got great, great composure on the court. He knows how to play" (Hall of Fame Coach, Jim Calhoun).

UCLA coach, Kerry Keating mused, "I watched him win a championship. ... In hindsight now, given UCLA's current state, he'd probably be starting for UCLA at point guard."

So he could have played at a basketball school and done well. Would he have been drafted? Judging by how he matched up with Wall and how he played against the University of Connecticut, probably. Would he have been drafted high? Maybe he would have been a mid-first round pick.

We didn't see the Jeremy Lin we wanted to see against the Kings the other night, though, did we? It looked like a rookie out there who had never played professional basketball in his life. That is no surprise. We shouldn't let that short few minutes define him as a player, of course. He may well turn out to be a pretty good player and possibly even start one day, seeing as composure is so key for NBA point guards....

The guy seems to have some potential, and perhaps we got a steal, maybe the equivalent of a mid-first round pick. Let's appreciate Jeremy Lin for the basketball player he is, by waiting and seeing what he can do.

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