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Preseason Game Thread #4: Golden State Warriors @ Portland Trailblazers - Where's the bench?


Warriors: 2 - 1

Blazers: 1 -3

Tip-Off: 7:00 PM

TV: None

Radio: None

Blog Buddy: Blazers Edge

No tv. No radio. Puuuuuuurrrfect.

First 2 games = wow this is going to be a fun team! They hold opponents to low shooting percentages, scored a bunch, and won easily.

3rd game = uh oh. The Kings starting 5 all finished in double figures and DeMarcus Cousins looks like he's going to give Blake Griffin and John Wall a serious run for their money for the Rookie of the Year award. I hope New Jersey enjoys Derek Favors and Minnesota enjoys Wesley Johnson.

What's next?
Even though preseason games don't matter, hopefully in their 2nd road game, the Warriors come up with a better performance. It'll be something to build on. In order for this team to have any chance this season, they're going to have to learn how to play well on the road.

This Warriors bench needs to start playing better. I'm sure when Amundson comes back he'll provide some depth, but right now nobody is stepping up. When Vlad Radmanovic is playing a lot of minutes, you know there's a problem. The backup point guard position is a disaster. Charlie Bell, Aaron Miles or Jeremy Lin? Ummm neither. Right now, they look like at best 3rd stringers. It seems either Curry is going to get overworked, Monta will run some point, or the Warriors will be at a major disadvantage when he's on the bench.


  • Warriors win by 4
  • Coach Smart plays the bench a lot to see who's going to be able to give him quality minutes
  • Dorell Wright has a solid all around game with double digit points, 5+ rebounds, and 3+ assists

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