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Golden State Warriors Training Camp Links - Day 5

On Day 5's morning practice, we got a good chunk of non-contact practice footage of the players practicing their offensive plays. In the foreground, you can see Keith Smart coaching different groups on where players need to stand and move to. You can see an Aaron Miles sighting, as well as Lin's right eye bandage mentioned a couple days ago.

Watching the players practice their offensive plays made me think of the analogy of rehearsing for a dance recital. You really have to know where to be, where to move, when to move, and what moves to make. Unlike a dance recital where you time yourself to the rhythm of the music, in basketball, you have to time yourself to the rhythm of the other players. There is a certain art to the game when you think of it that way.

After practicing offensive plays, the morning practice continued with drive and kicks to 3 pt shooters. Monta got the morning practice off, "vet session off". Not exactly sure what Matt Steinmetz meant by this.

Jim Barnett makes it sound like they're done broadcasting from training camp. Hope not. I'm hungry for training camp footage!

Training Camp Videos

- Practice footage, then interviews with David Lee and Ast Coach Robert Werdann.
David Lee: chemistry with Biedrins, playing C vs PF, rebounding instincts, running with Monta and Curry, team chemistry.
Ast Coach Robert Werdann: his background, his coaching duties - the bigs, Lee and Biedrins, training the bigs, defensive mindset.
UStream Video Link: Sat morning practice part 1
UStream Video Link: Sat morning practice part 2, David Lee and Robert Werdann interviews

Interview tidbits with Keith Smart, Aaron Miles, Vernon Goodridge. Topics: 15th roster spot, Aaron Miles, Vernon Goodridge.

Interesting tweets

(during morning practice)
MSteinmetzCSN: Lou Amundson practicing today for Ws despite lower back stiffness. First time in a while.
MSteinmetzCSN: Monta Ellis sitting out Saturday morning practice. Vet session off


- Monta sat out the morning practice.
- According to Werdann, just as Don Nelson coached his coaching staff to think like a head coach, Keith Smart is doing the same with his staff.

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