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2010-2011 NBA Blog Previews Central Division: Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons

The midwest. It's not a nice place. I don't want to visit there and I definitely don't want to live there. Aside from a random 55 point explosion from Brandon Jennings I can't say NBA hoops is all that fun over there either. Well, okay this guy and his Cleveland commentary are pretty entertaining:


Hate on LeBron for The Decision silliness, but not for ditching that place.

JUMP for the linkage and some questions.

Milwaukee Bucks

Brew Hoop | NBAMate | SBNation Recap

Question: Can Brandon Jennings get his FG% up from a ghastly 37.1%?


Shots like these aren't going to help that FG%!

Chicago Bulls

Blog-A-Bull | SBNation Recap

Question: Is Derrick Rose overhyped?


Other question: Did he ever read this?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Fear The Sword | WaitingForNextYear

Question: No w that LeBron (finally) ditched them are people going to admit how silly it was to think that his best chance to win was with the Cavs this upcoming season?


Antawn's Cleveland "vacation" should be done by February.

Indiana Pacers

Indy Cornrows

Question: Will the Pacers get contracted in the league's new CBA?


NOT Playoff material.

Detroit Pistons

DetroitBadBoys | Detroit Basketball | | SB Nation Detroit

Question: Does Joe Dumars know what he's doing?


It's very sad to see TMac go out like this.



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2010-2011 NBA Blog Previews

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