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Game Thread #1: Houston Rockets @ Golden State Warriors - Optimistic? Yes, Me Too!

It's GSOM Night 9 at the arena tonight!

Warriors: 0 - 0
Rockets: 0 - 1
Tip-Off: 7:30 PM
Radio:KNBR 680
Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

Excited yet? Tick tock, tick tock towards tip off. There's always some level of renewed optimism in fans and the organization when a new season kicks off. Every team has hopes that if something breaks just right, if so and so player has a breakout year, if so and so player has a comeback year, etc, my team could make the playoffs. Warrior fans go through this almost every year, as do Timberwolves and Clipper fans.

But this year feels different doesn't it? This year feels like a curse has been lifted or maybe it's because a Cohan has been lifted. There's going to be a new owner. We have a legit star in the making with Stephen Curry. We're all expecting him to put up video game-like numbers on easy mode, 53.5 points, 25.4 assists, while shooting around 93% from 3. David Lee is going to come in here and be Mr. 20-10. Andris Biedrins will return to his previous In n' Out double double ways. Monta is going to work perfectly with Curry in the backcourt and be the offensive force he once was. And lastly, all of the Warriors role players will be perfect complementary players. D Wright, B Wright, R Williams, L Amundson are all poised to be major contributors.

It could happen. It could. It feels different. It may not be and probably won't be very different but at least I have those warm fuzzies again.

It all starts tonight against the Rockets. Just like last year and we beat them down like a college team, at least that's how I choose to remember it. By the way just got beat by 2 in LA yesterday after having a double digit lead in the 3rd, so hopefully they're a little tired.

This Rocket team is going to be tough. They always are. They have Yao, Stevie Franchise, TMac, Hakeem, Clyde, and Barkley. All decent players.

The one I'm most worried about is Luis Scola. He just works hard. He bangs his body around, sweats all over you (which is one of the most underrated offensive weapons in pickup basketball because it's so gross), and he'll outwork you. The hair is gross. That's the worst I can say about him. I wish he was on the Warriors.

Who else am I worried about?

Aaron Brooks

Who on the Warriors is going to guard him? He's way too fast for any of the Warrior defenders to contain him. His numbers per game last year in 3 games against the Warriors? 38 minutes, 22 points, 8 assists, 47% FG, and 50% from 3. Yea. Good luck out there guys.

Lastly, they have one of the most non-basketball looking players in the league, Chase Budinger (see below). Except somehow he contributes off the bench. Damn you Daryl Morey!

Basketball player? No. GQ Cover Model? Yes.

Tonight's game is going to produce a lot of ooh's, aaaah's and exciting moments. The Rockets will make the Warriors work hard for every point they get and the Warriors will make the Rockets work hard for about 25% of their points. That's just how Warriors defense works. In the 82 game season, 1 win is small, but a W tonight would mean so so much towards fans looking for a reason to back up their optimism.


  • Warriors win by 4
  • Curry and Monta combine for 44
  • David Lee shows off why Warriors fans are going to love him, 20-10
  • Yao plays less than 24 minutes

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