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RECAP #2: Golden State Warriors 109, LA Clippers 91- It's raining game in Northern California!


We saw a little history tonight folks.

More Jeremy Lin on Asian Heritage Night would've been an ever greater time out.

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Clips Nation Recap

What a tremendous week for Bay Area sports thus far. The San Francisco Giants (celebrate over at McCovey Chronicles) took the first 2 games of the World Series, the Oakland Raiders (join the black web hole over at Silver and Black Pride) destroyed the Denver Broncos in 59 different ways, and the San Francisco 49ers- well, um once they get a real head coach and QB they should be okay (be nice to our friends over at Niners Nation, they need your support).

It might be raining tonight and throughout the weekend all around the Bay Area, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the sports festivities. JUMP!

I know it's only 2 games, but the Warriors haven't gotten off to this good of a start since the 1994-1995 season.

I'll say it again.

The Warriors haven't gotten off to this good of a start since the 1994-1995 season!

Since we rarely only get to focus on the positive here (hey, this is a blog about one of the silliest franchises in all of sports!), tonight you're going to get some homerism that hasn't been witnessed here since the height of WE BELIEVE.



(from the archives: Homer Simpson Signs with the Golden State Warriors)

Here we go:

  • Warriors= 53.1% FG and 58.3% 3pt. EN FUEGO!
  • Clippers = 38.6% FG and 27.8% 3pt. DEFENSE!
  • My biggest fear tonight was Blake Griffin embarrassing the Warriors, but you have to hand it to the Dubs. They played Griffin smart and got him into foul trouble. The Warriors collapsed on him several times down low and forced him into a bad shooting night. If the Warriors can rinse and repeat this formula against other big men in the mighty West, they're in great shape.
  • The Warriors did a fine job defensively on Chris Kaman as well tonight. They held him to 7 boards and 13 points on 5 for 14 shooting. Kaman was pretty much a non-factor.
  • The Dubs let Brian Cook be Brian Cook and there's something to be said for that. I can't believe this guy is still in the NBA.
  • The Clips starting backcourt just could not put the ball in the hole. Baron Davis and Eric Gordon combined for a ghastly 11 for 30 from the field. Credit the perimeter defense and Stephen Curry holding his own when Baron tried to post him up.
  • I want to give some props to Vladimir Radmanovic for attacking the rim several times tonight and earning some trips to the line. The shooting wasn't there (it seems like it hasn't been here since he got to the Bay last season), but he found a way to contribute.
  • Dan Gadzuric. Dan Gadzuric. I owe you an apology. In the preview I said you shouldn't be playing much. I can dig the hustle and solid interior D tonight.
  • Rodney Carney gave the Warriors some very nice play off the bench tonight. 12-3-3 in 20 minutes. I'll take it, especially from what is supposed to be an incredibly weak Warriors bench.
  • David Lee continues to make a big impact on this team. The 15-12-3 are wonderful, but even more than the numbers I just dig this guy's energy and positive vibe. He really seems to be encouraging and rooting for his teammates out there. Lee is one of those guys you'd love to have on your team.
  • The game after Monta Ellis dropped 46 points and Al Harrington predicted him to be the 2010-2011 scoring champ, he didn't show an unhealthy obsession with just getting his points. Monta showed maturity tonight and that he was all about the W by dishing out 11 assists to only 3 turnovers. I'm not really sure that would've happened last season.
  • Stephen Curry was on his way to a sensational shooting, passing, and defensive night, but then disaster stroke with his ankle. Let's keep it positive here. I'm no doctor of the medical variety, but my PhD tells me he'll be A-okay.


Dorell. That's 1 R, 2 L's, and one great big Warrior Wonder. Step right up Mr. Dorell Wright for your first Warrior Wonder award!

Let's just say Wright was more than all right tonight. The Warriors as a team were hot tonight, but Wright was on another level of hotness.

24 points with 6 shots from downtown, 8 boards, and 3 dimes.


Maybe it's the NBA Jam turbo blue kicks?

Let's hope Stef-fun is all set to go on Sunday night. The Warriors square off against their first playoff team from last season in the LA Lakers. The Lakers are more than just a playoff team of course. They're the champs. This should tell us how good this Warriors team really is. 3-0 good?

We shall see soon enough...

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