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Golden State Warriors Practice Links - Open Practice Day

After a day off for the players, the Warriors held an open practice to the public at Oracle Arena. After some drills, Coach Smart told his players, "Let's give them a good show".

Black team: Monta, Curry, DWright, Lee, Biedrins, Radman, Jeff Adrien, Aaron Miles, Amundson (DNP, lower back stiffness)
White team: Bell, Reggie, Gadzuric, Lin, BWright, Vernon Goodridge, Cheyne Gadson, Carney (DNP, right hip contusion), Udoh (DNP, wrist, I assume)

I assume all other players got on the floor for at least a few minutes in today's practice. Forward James Mays was waived a few days ago, hence the 18 players total.


Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): Coaching staff and player intros.

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): 1st qtr.

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): 2nd qtr, part 1.

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): 2nd qtr, part 2.

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): 3rd qtr

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): 4th qtr

Fan video by xTheNoobx (aka: Cpt. Jack in the Box): Post game rookie hazing

Nice play.

Interesting tweets

Marcus Thompson II live tweeted from the open practice session. I organized the tweets by qtr.


# At the open practice. Quite a bit of people here.
# I got Curry tied for 7th with Westbrook. Uncle had him not top 10 @Drewcab415 any resolution on the top 5 pg's debate?
# Black team: Ellis, Curry, Lee, Biedrins, Wright, Vlad, Amundson, Jeff Adrien and Aaron Miles
# White team: Bell, Carney, Cheyne Gadson, Gadzuric, JLin, Reggie, BWright, Goodridge
# Injury update: Rodney Carney out with right hip contusion. Amundson out with lower back stiffness
# He did. Just warming up now @TheyCallMeJLo I hear Lin got mad love from the crowd. How does he look? U think he makes the squad?
# CP3, DWill, Nash, Rondo, Billups @walzmart wait, who was your top 5 anyways?
# Monta just walked by press row for the lay-up line. They went crazy
# My bad. Miscounted. CP3, DWill, Nash, Rondo, Rose, Billups, Curry/Westbrook @usdagradeameat rose just a notch above chauncey IMO.
# Rose. Westbrook has to show me he is more than just a freakish athlete @BASportsGuy Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose?
# Curry just dropped in a sweet running finger roll over Jeremy Lin
# Rondo better on D, has dominated at highest levels @azzyosman Why Rondo over Rose?
# So funny @Drewcab415 why they gotta be black?
# He's good. Best days may be behind him though. @usdagradeameat you know mt, there's also this guy who's married to eva longoria.....

(1st qtr)
# Refs are here. Scrimmage is about to start
# Black starters: Curry, Ellis, DWright, Lee, Biedrins. White starters: Bell, Williams, BWright, Vlad, Gadz
# Vlad nearly just broke the backboard with a 3-pointer from the top. Wide left. Somewhere, Nellie is laughing
# Curry is putting a show. Just split the defenders and slipped an underhand pass to DWright for 3
# DWright back-to-back 3s
# Gadzuric just put a nice move on Biedrins, spinned back to the middle, faded from 7 feet ... airball
# Curry ends the quarter with a 3 at the buzzer. Black 19, White 10
# He's guarding Vlad ... @DannyLeroux How is D. Wright's defense looking?
# Right wing @walzmart from the corner?

(2nd qtr)
# Jeremy Lin now at the point for white team, being guarded by defensive hawk Aaron Miles
# David Lee's midrange J is looking money. He's 3-for-3
# Lin almost got ripped by Miles in the backcourt. He recovered and managed to get into the offense
# Curry and Dorell Wright look really good. Both their jumpers are working, and Wright is passing well. David Lee hit another midrange
# I think Monta just drew up a play during the timeout
# Not looking good. Handles are suspect @TheRhino88 How is Jeremy doing in the scrimmage?
# Jeremey Lin? I think he's nervous. He looks surprisingly shaky @Jerseychaser54 how is he handling pressure?
# End of 2nd: Black 33, White 25.

(3rd qtr)
# Outta DWright and Curry so far. Monta seems to be just messing around @TheMindOfJoe MVP so far?
# Lin had a break with Curry as the only defense. Curry blocked it. Ref called a foul. Curry disagreed. Lin made both FTs
# DWright just dropped in left-hand runner off the glass and the foul. I know it's a scrimmage, but he is looking like a beast.
# David Lee hits another midrange jumper ...
# Jeremy Lin just threw a nice no-look to Gadzuric for a dunk
# End of 3rd: Black 47, White 32. DWright 13 points, 3 steals. Curry 13 points, 4 assists, 4 rebounds, 3 TOs. BWright 10 points, 4 rebs, 2 ast

(4th qtr)
# David Lee missed a wide open midrange jumper. As he ran down court: "That was the easiest shot of the day."
# DWright just dropped in a smooth reverse layup past BWright ... then hit another 3
# Barely notcied he was out there! lol @Gambyt3 Hows beans looking?
# Looks like he's having lots of fun @usdagradeameat how's monta's body language? Is he engaged? Involved? Indifferent?
# Final: Black 68, White 47. Curry 25. DWright 20. BWright 12. Let the rookie hazing begin

(rookie hazing)
# They about to make the rookies dougie. This is going to be embarrassing 2 minutes
# Monta is orchestrating the dougie session. Ekpe wasn't quite Big Baby with it, so that's good
# Reggie Williams is being booed for not participating. ... No, he hasn't played a full season yet
# Monta just called a fan out of the crowd to teach Reggie Williams and Vernon Goodridge how to dougie
# And now Jeremy Lin is dougie-ing with the fan. This is ugly
# 25 points, 11-for-15 FGs, 4 asts, 3 rebs, 4 TOs @PaulRizzuto Curry's full stat-line?

Matt Steinmetz live tweets from the open practice.

# Black team favored big in Ws scrimmage tonight at Oracle: Curry, Ellis, DWright, Lee, Biedrins ...
# My boy @aresea33 and I agree the Warrior who got biggest reception during introductions ... Not Curry, not Ellis but Jeremy Lin
# Lou Amundson won't be participating in tonight's open scrimmage for Warriors. Lower back stiffness
# Yes, Reggie Williams will come off bench. RT @TheyCallMeJLo: @MSteinmetzCSN Is DWright looking to start over Reggie?
# Prediction: Reggie Williams will be among league leaders in shots per minute
# I'm going to go out on a limb and say Dorell Wright will have more offensive freedom with Ws than he did with Heat
# Jeremy Lin didn't register a stat during his second-quarter stint. No points, rebounds or assists. Then again, no TOs, either.
# don't know if he makes team or not but Jeff Adrien brings a physicality the Warriors don't have.
# No doubt it's going to be tougher offensively for David Lee against fours than fives
# @TheMindOfJoe Right this minute I like him more than Randolph. We'll see a few years from now. (original question: @MSteinmetzCSN do you like D.lee?)
# Dorell Wright won't average 22 a game, but he'll be upgrade over Maggette

Other tweets, click for pics.

JoshFeinberg: At the @warriors open practice
warriors: Another reason @Warriors fans are the best. Over 5,600 showed up for tonight's Open Practice at Oracle Arena.
warriors: After the rookies danced at center court, the vets had one more surprise for them: backpacks and lunchboxes.
(about 12:30am)
reggiew55: Man I can't dougie lol

KNBR mp3s

- Topics: training camp summary, monitoring Curry and fatigue, Curry improvements, style of basketball.
9:03 min: Keith Smart with Murph and Mac

- Topics: training camp update, playing the 3 for a bit, shoulder injury, adjustment from college to NBA, video games with teammates, Keith Smart.
8:47 min: Brandan Wright with Fitz and Brooks

Other stuff

- Matt Steinmetz compares the new players' injury history with the players we had.
Matt Steinmetz: Larry Riley's Offseason Priority: Get Healthy Players

- Technical difficulties forced Matt Steinmetz to convert his live online chat into a live tweet chat today.
Matt Steinmetz: Wed Oct 6 chat transcript

- After watching the open practice, Matt Steinmetz briefly summarizes each player on the roster, including the 4 remaining invitees.
Matt Steinmetz: Breaking Down the Roster

- BWright's slowly working his way back on his conditioning, timing and confidence.
Marcus Thompson II: Brandan Wright of Golden State Warriors looks to get off to a healthy start

- Rusty Simmons saw a lot of passing and play making from the open practice, and heard more talking and communication on defense.
Rusty Simmons: Scrimmage shows improved passing, talking on defense

- A photo gallery of the open practice earlier today. The captions tell a nice story. Warriors Open Practice - 10/6/10 Photo Gallery

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