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Golden State Warriors Weekly Episodes: Monta Ellis, Larry Riley, David Lee, Charlie Bell interviews

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Warriors Weekly TV: Monta with his family, Franco Finn and Opening Night, Warrior Girls calendar feature, Warrior Girl Thera, music video: Autumn Schedule by Chris Cawte.

Warriors Weekly Radio: Larry Riley, David Lee and Charlie Bell, Tim Roye's Journal, Road trip opponent preview.

Next Weekly TV: Mon Nov 15, Tue Nov 16 (re-air)
Next Weekly Radio: Thu Nov 18

Warriors Weekly TV

Warriors Weekly Radio

- Interviewed on Tues morning after Monta's bad fall, Riley talks about Monta's injury, the Raptors win, defense and rebounding, the players on the team.
6:07 min: Larry Riley Interview

- David Lee talks about defense and rebounding, returning to New York, and playing with Biedrins. Charlie Bell talks about returning to Michigan.
13:56 min: David Lee & Charlie Bell Interview

- Tim Roye answers email questions.
3:23 min: Tim Roye's Journal

- A look at the Knicks, Bulls, and Bucks teams and players from their local writers/broadcasters.
13:44 min: Warriors Road Trip Preview


- David Lee thinks he's in an adjustment period and is dealing with having "less space" after catching the ball and not having open layups because there's a center in the paint.