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Enhance Your Experience: Making Your Way Through This Series of Tubes- Let GSoM Be Your Guide

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Long gone are the days of waiting for the morning paper to read about your favorite teams, or get a look at the box score. Things are very different now. Not only do you have much faster access to the old standards, like the beat writers employed by the major papers, but you also have waaaaaay more content to wade through as a sports fan. From the pro writers you have their Twitter feed, their blogs, and their articles published online. Then you have video interviews of the players and coaches available the same night as the game, and the highlights of course. Then you've got all of the great fan created content here at SBN and elsewhere around the world wide weberdoodle. There is heaps and heaps of stuff out there for the modern sports fan. The only hard part is knowing where to look for the best content. One of the reason's I fell in love with this site back in '07 was not only all the great original content, but that it acts as a hub for Warriors, and NBA news.

So for days when the game just wasn't enough torture for you, or even when there wasn't a game on at all, check out IQofaWarrior's great links posts for all the best Warriors content from all four corners of the inter-earth and stay connected. And if you still want more, check out the FanShot section, where no Warriors story goes unlinked. Jump for... LINKS! I mean, what else could it be really?


At the moment you'll find links to the latest on David Lee's health, the sale of the team becoming official, national stories on the Warriors great start and much, much, more posted by the mighty GSoM community.


In this section of GSoM you'll find IQofaWarrior doing his thing, collecting all of the best Warrior related content and putting it all in one place so you don't have to tediously click through your bookmarks looking for updates on your favorite team.

Thanks again to the folks at Samsung for putting the spotlight on the ways that technology enhances our experience as sports fans throughout SBN over the last few weeks.