Keith Smart gives an indication of why Vlad plays and not BWright or Adrien?



Interesting story from SF Gate (actually a story about Gadzuric)
As a coach, you need to know exactly what you're going to get from a player every single day

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So is that it?

One of the most perplexing questions so far this season has been why Vlad Rad has been getting so much playing time, even though his stats are so bad, and there are options on the bench that are at least as good as Vladi.

Turns out that BWright is soft. Quadruple-Quilted-Charmin soft. But with his length and athleticism (stop me if you've heard this one before) he could at least be a factor in the game. Adrien is windex on the glass, but he's not much of an offensive threat outside of a few feet; again though, give him a shot! I like rebounds, everbody likes rebounds, so what's not to like? Lin is raw and turnover prone, but there's something about him....

And so what? All of these guys bring something (and let's throw Gadzuric in there too). When I look at Vlad Rad, I really can't see it. I just don't understand why he gets minutes. No one does.

The best attempt at a reasonable explanation I've seen so far is the "Coach sees more of these players in practice than we do; he must know something we don't."

But I don't really buy that. While it is true that Smart gets to watch these guys day in and day out, he also seems like a guy who is pretty dialed in. I imagine he watches game film, looks at the box score, the stats, and draws conclusions. Here's a pretty easy to reach conclusion, Vlad Rad is not a good basketball player. He is not suited to play any position well, and he certainly has no reason to be in there as our center!

And then I saw that quote above. I've heard this from coaches before too. Inconsistency makes coaches butt cheecks twitch. They absolutely ,ust know what they are going to get out of a guy when they put him in.

NOW I understand the hesitation to play BWright, Adrien, and Lin. Are they going to turn it over? Be a non-factor? Play good D? With all of the guys above, I have to answer "I dunno"

Vladi? I can tell you exactly what you'll get every game. He is very consistent. Consistently not very good, but still...You put him in for 10 or 20 minutes and you know what you'll get, some D, some offense, and a few bone-headed plays (often of the "DUDE! at least try to stop him!!" defense). But say this about Vladi too, he plays like a veteran. He knows where to be, knows the plays, and doesn't play too far outside fo his game.

So what do you think GSOM, is this it? Vlad is playing so much because he is the most consistent of the bench bunch?

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