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Warriors Practice Day Links: Keith Smart, Dorell Wright interviews. Lacob and Guber on Chronicle Live.

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The topics after practice include waiting to put Monta back in the game, missing Lee/Amundson/Udoh, and Dorell Wright. Also, a couple of update articles on David Lee's elbow. Plus, Lacob and Guber on Chronicle Live.

Practice Videos

Keith Smart after practice.

Dorell Wright after practice.

Other Stuff

- After the 2nd surgery to clean out the elbow, Lee is headed towards full recovery. He'll stay in the hospital for several days with antibiotics to make sure the infection is completely gone.
Rusty Simmons: Dr. explains elbow issues for Warriors' Lee
Marcus Thompson II: Lee still in hospital but headed to full recovery

Chronicle Live: Lacob and Guber, part 1.

Chronicle Live: Lacob and Guber, part 2.


- The Warriors have a "concentration drill" which tests how a player psychologically reacts to pressure. The drill is to make 10 shots in a row from a certain spot, and the pressure builds as the player gets to the last few shots. Keith Smart watches how the players react to that pressure and use it to judge how they might react in a game. Some players tense up towards the last few shots, some players concentrate more, etc.