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GameThread #12: Golden State Warriors vs New York Knicks- "Brush Your Teeth!"


I'm just sayin'.

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Warriors (7-4) vs Knicks (4-8)

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The Dubs and Knickerbockers squared off a little over a week ago. Here's your guide to that festivity:

As you probably know we've been going at the Golden State Warriors BLOG/ GSoM thing for quite some time now. 5+ years in fact. That's a lot of blogging the suck and for me personally a lot of writing about Warriors-Knicks games. (Translation: 2 very bad teams and mostly bad, but entertaining hoops the past 5+ years). So let's go back, way back...

Recap: Warriors 86, Knicks 84 + Hangin' with Mr. Hooper (11/12/05)

If you love the Warriors or the NBA for the matter, then this was the game for you. The house in Oakland was PACKED to full capacity. It was loud- Arco Arena when the Kings play the Lakers loud. The Knicks and Warriors put on a show. Even if the Warriors lost, fans would have been treated to a great game. It was thriller that came down to a Baron Davis swipe in the last seconds of the game from the Knicks Jamal Crawford.

The West (Boom Dizzle) vs East (Starbury) point guard battle was well worth the price of admission. Ignore what the boxscore tells you about Baron's 3 for 12 stinker. The man had a great game. 12 dimes and only 3 turnovers? That's on point. The boxscore won't tell you about the great defense he played. I don't know how they credited B Diddy with 0 steals. He forced his share of turnovers. Both Stephon and Baron's crossover looked good and caught plenty of "ooohs" and "aaahs" from the crowd. Marbury looked quick and dropped 22 Jordans. His 0 turnovers were impressive too.

The Shooting Guards did not disappoint either. Hopefully if you didn't catch the game on TV, JRich's monster dunks made the highlights. He teabagged Jamal Crawford on a rebound dunk and had a reverse alley oop jam. The crowd went nuts. JRich hasn't been getting enough press for his improved passing. He's worked hard on this and it shows. He dropped 6 dimes tonight including a beautiful alley oop to Air France on a fast break. Crawford and Q were pretty money with their offense combining for 28 points as well.

Troy Murphy = T Double. Another hot shooting night from Troy to go along with 11 Rodmans. With Troy's shooting and Baron's passing, you'd think that Monty would run the high pick and roll with them more often. Check the videotape. Both defenders always seem to follow Baron to stop his drive/ penetration. Troy ends up wide open for an easy trey or long distance 2. T Double can knock down the open J as good as anyone on the team. It's a formula for success.

Props to the coaching staff for not giving Dunleavy undeserved playing time. He didn't show much tonight in his 22 minutes. 4 points on 1-6 shooting? Oh so that's why we gave this "sharpshooter" 44 million! Ignore the 2 steals and 1 block that show up in the boxscore. He just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

Pietrus made the most of his 21 minutes with some solid defense. On offense, he helped the Warriors run an effective transition offense by running the lane and being aggressive. MP2 just needs the minutes. He's primed for a breakout season.

Let's not forget Adonal. Yes, he's not exactly the top big man in the league and he couldn't matchup against Eddy Curry one on one, BUT the man was CLUTCH. Foyle scored the go ahead basket as the clocked ticked down. Good to see that his "patented" low post moves still work.

Tonight the Warriors had a great timeout in front of a rocking arena.

But keep reading. You won't believe who I met that night at the Roaracle.

Here's another one: Recap: Warriors 83, Knicks 81 (11/6/05):

This morning against the Knicks the Warriors shot under 40% from the field (29-73), under 35% from trifecta land (10-30), and under 50% from the charity stripe (46.9%). Read that last stat again, UNDER 50% FROM THE FREE THROW LINE? But thanks to a great defensive effort and some strange coaching from Larry Brown, the Warriors were able to start their road trip off with a W.

The Warriors jumped out to an early lead, but then Eddy Curry and the other Knick "big" men started to expose to Warriors charmin' soft interior. It looked like it was going to be a long afternoon in the Big Apple for the Warriors. Oddly, Larry Brown seemed to deemphasize attacking the Warriors interior as the game progressed. Curry only played 16 minutes in the game. It makes you wonder if either Brown has lost it or Curry was nursing an injury. Either way, the Knicks aren't using Eddy Curry like the Warriors would have (see Bay Area Curry).

Baron, JRich, and Troy all had good games. B Diddy made some exciting drives and layups to go with his 9 dimes. JRich's intensity was unmatched as his 24 points was a game high. Troy Murphy dropped another double-double. Another great effort from Chris Taft as well. It's good to see the kid trying so hard on defense. Hopefully, he'll make teams regret letting him slip to the 2nd round.

If Mike Dunleavy has a couple more games like he had tonight, he's going to earn another nickname- Mike DoLeaveMeOpen. For someone who a few delusional Warriors fans regard as a great shooter, there is no excuse for missing all those open shots. Dunleavy hit the backside of the iron and nearly airballed 3 WIDE OPEN 3 point shoots. The Dunnuthin' stat line: 35 minutes, 2 points on 1-8 shooting (0-4 3pt), 2 assists, 4 rebounds. Dunleavy is the 4th or 5th option on the floor. He is never guarded by any of the opposing team's top defenders. Dun should be shooting at a very high percentage.

In stark contrast to Dunleavy, Pietrus only played 23 minutes and shot 2-2 including 1 trifecta. It doesn't make any sense why Pietrus isn't playing more especially considering how Dunleavy is rewarded with so many minutes for such a poor outing. Pietrus is never allowed to get into a rhythm with consisent playing time, while Dunleavy can't find the beat despite logging heavy (undeserved) minutes.

TMurph wasn't a smurf. 17 points, 10 boards, 3 assists, and 2 steals. Troy had a game high 43 minutes. Aside from the low shooting percentage, Troy looks like he's in midseason form.

Good times. Let's add to them tonight.


  • Stephen Curry notches his second double-digit assist game of the season. Seriously where have his dimes gone?
  • Amare Stoudemire goes for 30-10.
  • Supposed future superstars Anthony Randolph and Brandan Wright show everyone exactly why Nellie hated giving them playing time.
  • Monta Ellis drops 30 points.
  • Andris Biedrins' games with a made free throws stops at 1 (his 14.3% free throw rate this season is even better worse than his record breaking 16.0% last season!), but he does better than his season averages of 6.1 ppg and 9.2 rpg.
  • We see at least 2 articles over the weekend after this game irrationally sneaking in shots at Nellie and making more excuses for some of the "non-gamers" (ahem, Biedrins, Wright, and Randolph) that have been on this team in recent years.
  • Both teams combine for 250 points.
  • Warriors by 7.


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