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Warriors Practice Day Links: Stephen Curry's ankle sounds doubtful for tomorrow

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After taking the day off yesterday, the Warriors returned to practice today. The question after today's practice was "How's Curry's ankle?"

Practice News

- Rusty and Matt's observations from practice.
Rusty Simmons: Curry sounds doubtful for Wednesday's game
Matt Steinmetz: Ankle Still Hampering Warriors' Curry

- With Stephen Curry likely to be out tomorrow, Keith Smart talked about the importance of Jeremy Lin contributing to the team. Here are 2 articles related to that statement.
Rusty Simmons: Stop cheering for Jeremy Lin
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors coach Keith Smart needs rookie Jeremy Lin to contribute with Stephen Curry ailing

Practice Videos

Practice Interviews with Keith Smart, Curry on Curry's ankle and playing without him.

Raw interview: Keith Smart.

Raw interview: Stephen Curry.

Raw footage: Curry testing his ankle after the practice session.

Raw footage: A broken finger doesn't stop Amundson from using his feet.

Interesting Tweets

(During practice)
gswscribe: It doesn't sound like Stephen Curry is playing tomorrow. All he said is that he wouldn't rule it out
gswscribe: He said swelling is down, and he was shooting with Jeremy Lin after practice, and didn't appear to be favoring ankle much
warriors: Warriors are wrapping up practice. @StephenCurry30 did not participate (sprained right ankle) and remains day-to-day. Video coming soon.
(Tweet conversation)
Rusty_SFChron: Stephen Curry is not optimistic about playing Wednesday night, but he hasn't "ruled it out."
GSWarrior18: @Rusty_SFChron so is he playing? I think he should just play it safe til friday
Rusty_SFChron: @GSWarrior18 I doubt it, but I wouldn't put it past him. ... It sounds like he is thinking about the long term more than Gm 4 of the year.
(Tweet conversation)
gswscribe: Oh yeah, Monta was lightweight trash talking Jeremy Lin in practice!
sjsnider: @gswscribe any specific lines you can share?
gswscribe: I didn't hear. But I was told he was saying Lin was playing scared RT @sjsnider any specific lines you can share?
sjsnider: @gswscribe uh-oh, everyone at golden state of mind is going to peg Monta as a villain again
gswscribe: Hardly a villain. He's getting the youngsta ready. That's hoop! RT @sjsnider everyone at GSoM is going to peg Monta as a villain again
(Tweet conversation)
gswscribe: David Lee always jokes that Lin has a much smoother ride than most rookies. Maybe that's ending! lol
MR_FJG_SON: @gswscribe I don't sense there is any resentment from the team but does Lin seem a little embarassed at times w/the ovations he gets?
gswscribe: I'm sure he does. He's a humble dude RT @MR_FJG_SON but does Lin seem a little embarassed at times w/the ovations he gets?

Other Stuff

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After practice, Dorell Wright sports some Chuck Taylor shoes with a nice suit for a photoshoot. (Click for full pic.)


- Keith Smart recognizes that he's played Reggie and Bell out of position at point guard, which takes away from their natural game. He also recognizes the importance of Lin giving quality minutes at the backup point guard.
- Keith Smart praised Jeremy Lin for being a "hustle" guy and being able to get into the paint.
- Both Keith Smart and Stephen Curry thinks Jeremy Lin is more relaxed and plays better on the road because there's less pressure from the crowd.