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Golden State Warriors Weekly Episodes: Monta Ellis one-on-one interview, Lacob and Guber highlights

Warriors Weekly TV: Monta one-on-one interview with Tim Roye, Monta and Curry on offense and defense, Warrior Girl Amber, music video: War Hero by Ron Klein and Udi Harpaz.

Warriors Weekly Radio: New Ownership Feature, Landry Fields, Tim Roye's Journal, Scott Howard-Cooper, Upcoming Games.

Next Weekly TV: Mon Nov 22, Tue Nov 23 (re-air)
Next Weekly Radio: Wed Dec 01

Warriors Weekly TV

Warriors Weekly Radio

- Tim Roye pieces together highlight quotes from Lacob and Guber.
12:29 min: New Ownership Feature

- Former Stanford star, now Knicks rookie, Landry Fields, talks about his adjustment to the NBA.
8:32 min: Landry Fields

- Tim Roye answers a round of email from his listeners.
2:52 min: Tim Roye's Journal

-'s Scott Howard-Cooper talks about Lacob and Guber taking over the Warriors.
9:03 min: Scott Howard-Cooper

- A look ahead to the upcoming games.
4:25 min: Upcoming Games