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Game Thread #15: Golden State Warriors @ Houston Rockets - An Early Season Crossroads


He knows Karate, AND he can play guitar?! He's so dreamy...

Warriors (7-7) @ Rockets (3-10)

TV: CSN Bay Area (HD) Radio: KNBR 680

Tip-Off: 5:30pm

Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

Sigh... Well the Warriors are sitting at .500 for the first time this season. In years past that statement would probably be a positive - meaning we had clawed our way back from a sluggish start and were finally showing some signs of being a competitive basketball team - but this year it means that our early season hopes and dreams have come crashing back to reality. Okay, okay, I know that it's a long season, but I can't help but fixate on the fact that after tonight's game we will either be a winning team again, or a losing team for the first time this year. Please, I don't know if I can stand to root for a loser again this year. Let's go Warriors! Still...

It's still early in the year, but here's what sticks out to me from our first seven wins, and our first seven losses.

What we know

  • Our starting five is very good
  • Our bench is very weak
  • We play well at home
  • We play poorly on the road
  • Wins come easy when our big three are healthy
  • Losses pile up when injuries put our bench in the spot light


Does this suggest something about the duality of man? It does remind me of the duality of the first few weeks of Warriors games. Now if this team doesn't get its head and its @$$ wired together I'm going to take a giant...

Um, where was I? Oh, yeah...

What we don't know

  • Will we get to see this team healthy and operating at peak performance this year?
  • Does our new coach have what it takes to lead this team to the playoffs?
  • Will Joe Lacob shake up this franchise on the court, on the bench, or in the front office this season?
  • Will Peter Guber combine social media, Hollywood production, and cutting edge technology to build a better 'dot race'? Mmmm... Sizzle.

Tonight's game won't answer any of these questions, but it will determine whether the Warriors go to bed winners or losers tonight. It will also determine whether or not I enjoy writing tonight's recap... Go Dubs!


New Motto?

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  • 37%
    Winners never quit
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  • 16%
    Quitters never win
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  • 26%
    If at first you don't succeed, try, try again
    (87 votes)
  • 19%
    Count it a blessing that you're such a failure...
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