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RECAP #15: Golden State Warriors 101, Houston Rockets 111 - The Warriors Have a Losing Record for the First Time this Season, Let's Get Thankful!!

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After another stinker Smart warns "Don't nobody go in the bathroom for about 35, 45 minutes."

Well, the Warriors are now 7-8, having lost six of their last seven games. I suppose I could write about my frustration with the coaching or the officiating, but I'm actually going to take a cue from Ronaldinho in today's game thread when he wrote:

I'm really at a point where I just don't care about this game.

Without Lee, having only 1 of our top five bigs (Lee, Biedrins, Amundson, Wright, Udoh, Gadz) I don’t think these games mean anything about how good we are, or aren’t.

So instead of nitpicking last night's game, I'm going to pan out a little bit and make my Warriors Thanksgiving list. Let's kick up some holiday cheer in here. Jump to give thanks!

I'm Thankful For...

New Owners

We still don't know if the new ownership group will find a way to turn this franchise into a consistent winner, but for the moment "The Cure for Cohen" and the hope for something better than what we've had is enough for me.

New Look

Today is all about thanks, so I'm going to ignore the lazy font choice and just celebrate the new colors and logo. I'm not sure who's idea it was to base the team's image on a smurf on steroids who had been electrocuted for so many years, but I'm happy we've moved on.

David Lee

Moving on to the "shiny new toys" section of my list, I am thankful for David Lee. In an offseason where no one expected the Warriors to be a major player in free agency, somehow we were able to come away with one of the better power forwards in the game. If there was any doubt about his impact on the team, just take a look at how things have been going since he was attacked by zombies in New York.

Dorell Wright

Speaking of free agent signings, Dorell Wright might have been the best value signing of the entire offseason. It's serious value. It reminds me of Christmas morning when my kids will ignore some of the more expensive gifts in favor or playing with the wrapping paper and empty boxes. That kind of bargain. This year I'm considering leaving the expensive gifts at the store and just getting them extra boxes and bows and stuff... in honor of Dorell Wright of course.

Larry Riley

If I'm giving thanks for offseason acquisitions then I should send some thanks Larry Riley's way. I didn't expect much when he got promoted from assistant coach to GM, but Larry has definitely proven that he's more than Don Nelson's drinking buddy and yes man. He was active and aggressive in improving this team, despite the awkward timing of the change of ownership, and what I'm sure must have been some level of uncertainty about his future with the team. Well done Larry, and thank you.

Second Chances

Even though the jury is still out at the moment, I'm thankful for Monta and Andris getting a chance to overcome their past injury and attitude struggles. They've both shown that they can be an important part of a winning team, but they've each had their fair share of problems consistently contributing in a positive way. For Andris that means finding a way to stay aggressive on the court, and still actually stay on the court (he might need to to slip a couple hundreds to the coach and the refs to make sure he sees the kind of court time we need him to). For Monta that means finding his shots in the flow of the game, and not putting the blinders on and looking for the most difficult shot available.

Growing Pains

We've got a young and developing team, and that means learning on the job. One of the things I've enjoyed most is watching Steph Curry learning how to be a point guard in the NBA. It hasn't been without struggles, but it's been a joy to watch anyway. I'm really thankful that he's part of this team's future and I'm excited to watch him for years to come.


Last but not least I'm thankful for you! I love having a place that we can all come together as fans, and talk about our favorite team. We've got a great group of writers, posters, and linksmiths here to make sure that there is a never ending supply of Warriors talk here. Love you guys.



Oh yeah, There was a game... That means I have to hand out a WW. 1R2L's and 2W's.

Dorell Wright