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RECAP #16: Golden State Warriors 111, Memphis Grizzlies 116- Not so Smart coaching = 1-7 without David Lee

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This pic says it all.

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Straight Outta Vancouver Memphis Grizzlies blog

Watch me make a 5th straight loss entertaining... after the JUMP!

Embarrassing Warrior Killers

Tonight was a night that Memphis Grizzlies bigs Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph should have had circled on their calendars. Gasol can/ has abuse/d Andris Biedrins and the Warriors. Randolph can/ has abuse/d the non-David Lee 4's on the Warriors. Gasol and Randolph should have easily gone for 45 points and 25 boards tonight.

They didn't.

Instead they were ABUSED by Andris Biedrins and undrafted rookie Jeff Adrien. Gasol's defense on Biedrins was lackadaisical and listless. Adrien didn't get much resistance from Z-Bo. Tonight Gasol and Randolph just looked MIA- and I'm not talking about our favorite Sri Lankan sister. Props to Biedrins and Adriens no doubt, but that was a pathetic outing by two very capable Warrior Killers.

Thanks for keeping the game entertaining fellas.

(I think I'm thanking both Biedrins/ Adrien and Gasol/ Randolph here.)

Not So Smart 4th Quarter Substitutions

There's a reason why Nellie played Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry (and Baron David and Stephen Jackson for that matter) such heavy minutes. His bench stunk (thank you Chris Mullin!). Coach Keith Smart doesn't seem to fully grasp this concept for some reason. It makes ZERO sense why he left Monta, Steph, and Andris Biedrins (who was having a career night- more on that later) on the bench for nearly half of the 4th quarter.


Not even this much cents.

I'll buy trying to avoid having these three picking up fouls, but there's no reason Ellis, Curry, and Biedrins ALL had to be out at the same time. I like Coach Smart and I'm hoping that he succeeds, but that was just terrible coaching tonight. Coach Don Nelson would never make that kind of mistake, but hey aren't you glad Nellie is gone because the local and national media has spoon fed you such truths like Nellie eats puppies?


Not a smart coaching night at all.

Quick Shots

Rudy Gay's thunderous rebound dunk and scream. As Marv Albert would say "Oh MY."


Just nasty!

Mike Conley continues to leave me unimpressed. He was drafted way too high in the same draft that brought the Warriors overhyped forward Brandan Wright (what an overrated draft class) and hasn't done much to deserve that $45 million dollar extension. Conley would make an excellent back up point guard. I'll leave it at that.

Jeremy Lin's defensive effort continues to be strong, but he's a real negative on offense. His 4 blocked shots in the boxscore look alarming, but let's keep in mind he simply fell victim to two out of this world swats. The thing that worries me is that Lin still looks very nervous on offense, especially with the rock in his hands. A D-League assignment wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.

Vladimir Radmanovic played nearly 10 minutes tonight. That's 10 more minutes than Nellie would have ever played him- for good reason too.

I'm a little disappointed in Rodney Carney's 9 minutes tonight. He just didn't give the Warriors much at all.

I can appreciate Dorell (that's 1 R, 2 L's, and 1 bad joke that continues to get too much ink around these parts) Wright's passing and rebounding tonight on an off-shooting night. Defending Rudy Gay (25 points on only 17 shots) just doesn't seem like an assignment he can do well on. Earlier this season Gay had his season high against Wright and the Warriors with 35 points on only 23 shots. I'm not sure what the solution is here though.

Forget the 10 fouls for a second and there's a lot to appreciate about what Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis did tonight offensively. Curry drained 4 of 5 treys and 6 for 6 free throws for 26 points. Monta had 23 points with 8 dimes and only 3 turnovers.

Milk Carton: Hasheem Thabeet.

Milk Carton: The very vocal proponents of the Jason Richardson for Brandan Wright swap. I still remain in utter awe of how happy people were to make former Warrior joke owner Chris Cohan's wallet heavier. (I can't hear you...)


This isn't even up for debate. Andris Biedrins chipped in his best game in probably 2.5 seasons. The bizzare, charmin' soft defense of Marc Gasol and the nice set-ups by his teammates didn't hurt, but give this man his props. He walked away with a Kevin Love-like statline of 28 points and 21 rebounds. Don't forget the 13 makes on 15 tries too. Do you realize Biedrins quadrupled his season point average and more than doubled his rebounding? I can dig it.


Marc ain't no Pau.

This was a very winnable game for the Warriors and sadly they wasted a career game from Biedrins and nearly 50 points from Curry and Ellis. There really isn't much time to think about this loss or the 5 game losing streak however as the Warriors face the Timberwolves in Minnesota in less than 24 hours.

Stay tuned...