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Warriors Practice Day Links: Keith Smart and Acie Law interviews

After a much needed day off, the Warriors returned to practice today. After Acie Law's breakout game on Tues, it's not surprising that the post practice conversation revolved around him.

We still have one more day to wait before the next game. What to do, what to do.

Practice Videos

Keith Smart talks about Acie Law.

Acie Law talks about fitting in.

Interesting Tweets

(Friday afternoon tweets after practice)
warriors: Official update from practice: Andris Biedrins (left ankle) & Stephen Curry (right ankle) will not play in tmrw's game in Portland.
gswscribe: Injury woes continue. #GSW C Andris Biedrins not making trip to Portland because of his sprained left ankle, sustained in practice Thursday

Other stuff

- The story of Monta and Curry should be pretty familiar to us Warriors fans. As Monta and Curry worked together with Feed the Children on Thurs, MT2 revisits that story.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis team up to beat hunger and misconceptions

- Rusty and Damon Bruce talks about several players on the Warriors.
11:19 min: Rusty Simmons with Damon Bruce on KNBR


- Andris Biedrins tweaked his ankle slightly during practice, landed on someone's foot. Doesn't sound serious. Update: Biedrins will miss the road game @Blazers on Sat.
- Acie Law is still learning Keith Smart's sets.
- According to Rusty, the other players do recognize that David Lee is playing despite his elbow gash.

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