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Warriors Practice Day Links: Keith Smart, Ekpe Udoh interviews

It's been a while since I've had enough material for a practice day post. Step inside for Keith Smart's practice interview, and Ekpe Udoh on Chronicle Live and SportsNet Central. There's also Matt Steinmetz on KNBR and several article to read.


Keith Smart practice interview.

Chronicle Live: Greg Papa interviews Calbert Cheaney (before the Spurs game).

Chronicle Live: Greg Papa interviews Ekpe Udoh.

SportsNet Central: Damon Andrews interviews Ekpe Udoh.

KNBR audio

- Topics: The Spurs and Tim Duncan, David Lee, Andris Biedrins, Chris Mullin the HoF nominee.
18:24 min: Matt Steinmetz on the Murph and Mac Show

- Topics: LeBron's return to Cleveland, Tim Duncan, David Lee, Keith Smart.
16:56 min: Matt Steinmetz on the Damon Bruce Show

Other stuff

- Playing the Suns after the Spurs means the Warriors have to significantly change the way they play their game.
Rusty Simmons: Post-script change from Spurs to Suns

- Matt Steinmetz takes a guess on when Udoh, Amundson, and BWright returns from injury.
Matt Steinmetz: Best guesses for return dates

- On the eve of LeBron's return to Cleveland, Steinmetz looks at the Heat's struggles.
Matt Steinmetz: LeBron's Retun to Cleveland

- Monta says he's learned to take his time and make the right pass instead of the quick pass.
Marcus Thompson II: Despite full plate, Monta Ellis has excelled when asked to fill in at point guard for Golden State Warriors


- Udoh says he hurt his wrist against the rim while dunking in drills.
- Udoh calls himself a "basketball junkie" and keeps up on his opponents.
- BWright was at practice, but sat on the side. He will not play vs Suns. No timetable is given on his return.

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