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Golden State Warriors Weekly Episodes: Jeremy Lin interview

On this Christmas Eve, I'd like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Boxing Day, Happy Bah Humbug (if you dislike or simply don't celebrate Christmas), Happy Only Day Off Of The Year, and Happy Some Other Holiday Not On This List. Here's this week's Warriors Weekly stuff.

Warriors Weekly TV: Season Of Giving, Fitz Files, Warrior Girl Krystal, music video: holiday music.

Warriors Weekly Radio: Jeremy Lin, Season Of Giving: Monta and Curry, Tim Roye's Journal, Magic/Suns and Magic/Wizards trade, Upcoming games.

Next Weekly TV: Mon Dec 27, Thu Dec 30 (re-air)
Next Weekly Radio: Thu Dec 30

Warriors Weekly TV

Warriors Weekly Radio

- Jeremy Lin gives a self evaluation of his game and talks about areas of improvement. Also, he explains why he sits next to the coaches. And he tells other stories of his NBA career so far.
13:57 min: Jeremy Lin

- Monta and Curry talk about helping out families in their Feed The Children event last week at the Allen Temple Baptist Church.
4:50 min: Season Of Giving: Monta Ellis & Stephen Curry

- Tim Roye answers email questions about Curry, Udoh. Then some radio highlights (and lowlights) of the Kings OT win.
6:05 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Stephen Curry & Keith Smart

- Paul Kennedy talks about the Magic side of their trades. John Bloom talks about the Suns side. Mike Wise talks about the Wizards side.
16:12 min: Paul Kennedy (Magic TV), John Bloom (Suns Radio) & Mike Wise (Washington Post)

- A look ahead to the upcoming games.
2:18 min: Upcoming Games

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