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Golden State Warriors Weekly Episodes: Reggie Williams, Rodney Carney interviews

Warriors Weekly TV: Reggie Williams interview, Warrior Girl Swimsuit feature part 2, Tim Roye's Journal, Warrior Girl Leah, music video: Champion by Deuce Eclipse.

Warriors Weekly Radio: Rodney Carney interview, Stephen Curry gold medal reception event, Tim Roye's Journal, Scott Howard-Cooper, Upcoming Games.

Next Weekly TV: Mon Dec 06, Fri Dec 10 (re-air)
Next Weekly Radio: Thu Dec 09

Warriors Weekly TV

Warriors Weekly Radio

- Jim Barnett with an extremely in-depth interview of Rodney Carney.
19:29 min: Rodney Carney

- Stephen Curry's gold medal reception event on Nov 16.
4:19 min: Stephen Curry Gold Medal Reception

- Tim Roye answers email questions.
3:50 min: Tim Roye's Journal

- Scott Howard Cooper of talks about the Western Conference teams.
8:59 min: Scott Howard-Cooper

- A list of upcoming games on the schedule.
2:10 min: Upcoming Games


- Carney says Smart told him to work on driving to the hoop and not to settle for a jump shot. Carney is still adjusting to this change, because his previous teams expected him to "spot up in a corner".

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