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Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 94 @ San Antonio Spurs 111 - Yesterday, Lou returned. Today, Curry sprains ankle. Sigh.

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Associated Press: Parker helps Spurs beat Warriors 111-94 | Photo Gallery
Sports Network: Spurs continue home dominance over Warriors
Rusty Simmons: Warriors lose game and Stephen Curry
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors fall to San Antonio Spurs and lose Stephen Curry to ankle sprain

Pregame News

- No pregame news found.

Pregame Videos

- Topics: David Lee, Eastern Conference teams, how last season's Warriors are doing.
19:43: Matt Steinmetz with Ralph and Tom on KNBR

Postgame News

- The Grizzlies released Acie Law last week. Warriors are expected to sign him.
Rusty Simmons: Warriors to sign PG Acie Law

- The wound is still bleeding into his elbow pad, but Lee proclaims he will NOT sit out. Plus other notes.
Marcus Thompson II: Warriors update: Pain still lingers for David Lee

- In addition to signing Acie Law, Matt Steinmetz takes a guess on how the Warriors will handle the absence of Curry.

Postgame Videos

Stephen Curry's ankle injury during the game.

Recap and highlights from's game page:
Curry's injury
Warriors vs. Spurs: highlights, recap

Postgame Quotes and Stuff from recap

Photo Gallery

Keith Smart
On the injury of Stephen Curry:
"I haven’t had a chance to talk to the trainer yet but we will see what he says "Every time there is a limp I hold my breath and once you sprain something for the first time. Coaches have to be on alert that it can happen at any given moment, then you think you get over the hump and it comes out of nowhere. So unfortunately when you are playing back to back games, and back to back minutes, those things are always going to be lurking there. We just have to hope. He is pretty resilient about his treatment and doing his spring training and getting it back to function. Some of the first times he sprained it, he managed to have a couple days to take it, rest it, rehab it and train it, but now we have games where it’s day on- day off- day on- day off, so we will see how it goes and evaluate it."

On the effect of losing Curry:
"Well any time you lose a talent, you drop down three or four levels. He is definitely a talent so not having him on the floor was difficult because we had to move a lot of players around to positions and bring some of the younger guys off the bench to play. You have very little room for error against a team like this team. "

On Reggie Williams' performance:
"I thought Reggie (Williams) was good. I had a film session with him today and I shared with him that I thought that he didn’t look ready to play and that he is afraid to make a mistake on the floor. And he saw that on the film. But I think he came out tonight and played the way we are envisioning him (the team, coaching staff, organization) and he has to continue to play like he did tonight. He has to know that when he is open, he has the ability. He is probably one guy on our bench that you can say can put up 31 points on a consistent basis. That is what we are expecting of him. Now he just has to understand that we want that from him and we believe that he can do that. As long as he can think like that and continue to take this game here against a really good team and play that way. He didn’t force a lot of things. He did the right thing with open shots. You have to make open shots when you can. "

On the Warriors rebounding:
"I think a strength of our team still is rebounding the basketball. Dorell (Wright) can keep coming in at small forward and keep getting 8-10 rebounds a night to help those big guys, (Andris) Biedrins and (David) Lee. So that’s always going to be a plus. We thought it was going to be a strength for us this year and it’s going to work out that way for us."
Reggie Williams
On tonight's game:
"I just think I got into a rhythm, I got into a groove. Lately I haven’t been shooting the ball as much, so tonight I just came in and got it in my mind like, 'Hey, go ahead shoot, get some shots up, and just play basketball.' So that’s what I tried to go out and do tonight."

On what Coach Smart told him:
"He watched film with me earlier in the day and told me, 'Just play, have fun', so I just took his advice and did that."

On whether he can continue this success:
"I’m going to try my best to be aggressive and help my team out every night. So, from here on forward I've just got to stay with an aggressive mind state and try to continue to play the way I play, carrying on this momentum for myself on to the next game."
David Lee
On tonight's game:
"We played a very good team on the road here, we made our runs and we never stopped playing hard. But overall, too many turnovers and not enough good defense."

On the effect of losing Curry:
"It’s tough, because It didn’t even cross my mind that it would be anything more than just a sprain. I don’t think it is after they x-rayed it, but its just tough anytime you have something that you continually keep rolling it like that. It might be something he has to sit out for a while and get it back strengthened. I’m no doctor, but I don’t think it’s very good for you when you keep rolling it over and over. He’s a tough competitor and I’m sure he’ll want to be in there on Friday."

Interesting Tweets

(before the game)
Rusty_SFChron: Warriors game plan board includes a picture of the stone of Sisyphus.
(after the game)
Rusty_SFChron: From the Warriors: X-rays on Curry are negative. There is no fracture.
gswscribe: Didn't get to talk to Curry after the game, but he was wearing a boot. My guess is he's out Friday #killingmyfantasysquad


- The X-rays on Curry's ankle were negative for any fracture.
- The Warriors are expected to release Jeff Adrien and sign Acie Law.
- From Rusty's article, Carney thinks his injury might be plantar fasciitis.

What's next?

- We have a strange sequence for the next games: home-road-home-road-home-road. The strangeness starts with the Heat on Friday.

Day Date Time Opponent TV Radio
Fri Dec 10 7:30pm Heat CSNBayHD / ESPN KNBR 680
Mon Dec 13 6:00pm @Jazz CSNBayHD KNBR 1050
Tue Dec 14 7:30pm TWolves CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Sat Dec 18 7:00pm @Blazers CSNBayHD KNBR 680
Mon Dec 20 7:30pm Rockets CSNBayHD KNBR 680

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