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Warriors Practice Day Links: Don Nelson, Anthony Morrow, Stephen Curry interviews, Curry practicing 3's

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The Warriors keep on truckin' as they return to practice. No unusual news about Monta's knee. He'll be a game time decision tomorrow. Meanwhile, step on in and watch some videos of Curry practicing for the 3 pt shooting contest.

Practice Videos

Stephen Curry setting up the racks.

Stephen Curry, several rounds with the racks.

Stephen Curry on the contest, Nellie's enthusiasm levels, the losing streak, tomorrow's game.

Anthony Morrow on the losing streak, Monta's injury, Nellie's enthusiasm levels.

Don Nelson on the record, losing streak, his enthusiasm levels.

- Monta's knee must not have been that bad if he'll be a game time decision.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors' Monta Ellis will be game-time decision tonight against Los Angeles Clippers