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GAME THREAD #47: Warriors @ Rockets - Here We Go Again...

Originally posted 11:46 AM PST

Oh boy. We've officially gone from bad to worse. After getting destroyed by Kevin Durant on Sunday, the Warriors have had a few days to sit and mull over their 5 game crap streak. Hopefully they've also come up with a game plan to put up a good showing against Houston, because this is a team that we haven't beaten in our last 9 meetings.

In short, I'm not expecting our little streak to come to a grinding halt tonight.


Well put Nellie.

Warriors (W-L): 13-33

Rockets (W-L): 25-22

Tip Off: 5:30 Pacific Time


Radio: KNBR

Blog Buddy: The Dream Shake

Maybe there is hope. Houston does sit at the bottom of their divisional rankings (as do we) so technically this is crap on crap violence, right? I mean, ignore the fact that despite their rankings they still have a winning record after coming off of a dismal January. Also ignore the fact that their record still keeps them in the playoff race while our record, well... um... sucks.

So what do we have to do to win this thing? Well, one key would be to stop Luis Scola from embarrassing us like he usually does. For some reason, whenever we have matched up with Houston this season we've made this dude look like an All-Star. Secondly, yes, we need our scorers to produce. Defensively, we just aren't the team that is going to stop Houston from dancing in the paint on us. While that isn't exactly acceptable, the best thing we can do is make sure we are taking them down bucket for bucket. This means Steph, Monta, Maggs... everyone needs to have a relatively hot hand.

Let's cross our fingers here. This is a team we should be able to beat.



  • Scola bags 15+ pts, 10+ boards
  • Curry goes 20+ pts, 5+ dimes
  • Turiaf gets mistaken for a homeless man, responds by getting 3+ swats
  • Warriors by 1.

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