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RECAP: Warriors 112 Nuggets 127 - Where did we find this guy? How much is he getting paid?


Maybe he should have tried this at the dunk contest a few years ago

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Quotes from TNT Thursday from Don Nelson, Charles Barkley, Doug Colins, Monta Ellis + Nellie doesn't play rookies myth

Nuggets vs Warriors coverage / Nuggets vs Warriors boxscore/ Denver Stiffs

First off - we here at GSoM wish Coach Karl a speedy return. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Second - let's play a game. No prizes involved or anything, it's more of a "R Dizzle wants to prove a point so he's going to repetitively ask 2 questions." Please feel free to answer them in the comments section.

There are some very positive moments from last night's game.

And shall I say...make me want to throw up type moments from last night's game.

Let's focus on the least for a minute.

---------------------------------------------THE POSITIVES------------------------------------------

Game Speed

Very simple. The Warriors made the Nuggets play at an up-tempo speed. Now this is necessarily a "key to success" (check the score) but it allows the Warriors to stay in the game. Play fast, shoot a ton, hope everything goes in. That's the Warrior way. Pr etty simple, right?

I feel like I just wrote 2+2 = 4.

Ronny Turiaf


He's coming back into form no doubt. Not the "double-double" type form (did that even exist) but the "I've got all the energy in the world and I'm going to bring that to the game" type form. Great rebounding and monster put-backs. He was close that double-double (12 points, 8 boards) but this is all you really expect out of him. To be honest, I liked seeing Anthony Tolliver in the starting line-up rather than Ronny - his presence is best off the bench. But I'm not hating, he pulled in a good game.

Where did we find this guy?

How much is he getting paid?

Anthony "Chocolate Rain" Morrow


That would be a picture of a man that's learning to fill in for Jamal Crawford. AND-1 3 pointer? Jeez man..didn't think he was going to start hitting those 3s again after the "slumping" year he's been having. This would be one of the few circumstances I enjoy being DEAD WRONG.

4-6 for the 3 point line?

Where did we find this guy?

How much is he getting paid?

---------------------------------------------THE NEGATIVES------------------------------------------

Monta Ellis


Without going too much into this, I'm merely going to toss out his stats from last night.

43 minutes.

6-22 shooting. 1-5 from the 3 point line. 9-9 from the free throw line. 22 points.

5 rebounds.

3 assists.

Where did we find this guy?

How much is he getting paid?

Andris Biedrins


Guess who made a free throw last night? YES THAT'S RIGHT! ANDRIS BIEDRINS DID! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Wait a sec, since when did a player IN THE NBA receive a standing ovation from his crowd for a RANDOM free-throw?

Oh that's right - a guy who's got "tons of potential" and is making his best run for the league's lowest free throw percentage record.

This is straight out of hand. Say what you want about his game, but there are NO EXCUSES for a 6th year player to be shooting FREE THROWS (they're called "free" for a reason) at THAT PERCENTAGE. NO EXCUSE.

I can shoot a higher percentage in free-throws than Andris - AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING.

Don't believe me? Check MY form out.


Ok, but in all seriousness - you can't justify this one. Something needs to change and SOMEONE needs to stop talking about all this "potential." 3 years ago? Fine - this might be laudable. NOW?

Anyone care to explain to me how a D-League call-up with the initials "AT" plays a better game?

Now I don't understand why he's even on our team still.

Where did we find this guy?

How much is he getting paid?


Stephen Curry

Very very VERY easy award to give out for this game. Instead of talking about his stats or the game he played or the leadership he's beginning to show on the court or how he's making a damn good case for the Rookie of the Year award or how he would be better paired with some O.J. and Mayo than a Moped Riding Pinnochio...

I'm going to leave you with the video below.

Where did we find this guy?

How much is he getting paid?

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