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Golden State Warriors 112, Denver Nuggets 127- Quotes from TNT Thursday from Don Nelson, Charles Barkley, Doug Colins, Monta Ellis + Nellie doesn't play rookies myth

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30 points + 13 assists + 7 rebounds + 2 steals + 1 block + 1 Hakeem Dream Shake = Stef-FUN!

TNT's Craig Sager interviewed Warriors coach Don Nelson after the third quarter. Nelson on his reputation of not liking to play rookies:

"I don't like to play bad rookies, I like to play good rookies and I've got a good one. Steph Curry is going to be a sensational point guard, we love him to death, he's the perfect rookie to have and I play him every moment I can."

JUMP for more Dubs related quotes from last night's TNT telecast!

Doug Collins on Warriors guard Stephen Curry:

"This kid (Stephen Curry) is a scoring machine, he absolutely has such a great feel to shoot the ball, he's a very good ball handler and an excellent passer."

Collins on the Warriors' style of play:

"(The Warriors) seduce you. All of a sudden you're scoring against them and you think the game is pretty easy. Ask Atlanta, they were up 17 going into the fourth quarter, they thought they had the game in hand. Golden State had a terrific fourth quarter, outscored them 35 to 14 and beat Atlanta, so they care capable of throwing up huge nights. They want to run and they want to take quick shots."

Collins on the Warriors playing exciting basketball:

"There is an old saying, if you're going to play bad at least be exciting. And they are. They don't come down and play a 90 or 92 point game and milk the clock. They play an open court game, they shoot the ball, they score a lot of points and they play an exciting brand of basketball. They've just got to get healthy and see what they have. They've got to get some big men healthy to see how good they are. Brandan Wright, Anthony Randolph, are these guys going to be good enough on the front line to be contributors to a playoff team?"

Warriors guard Monta Ellis on the passionate Warriors fans:

"Every night that we play here, even though our record is the way that it is, if you came here and watched us play, you would think that we are the second seed in the playoffs with the way our fans are. It's crazy, I never saw a team have a losing record and the fans still come out. They still sell out every night and the fans still bring that energy every night and that's what they do."

Charles Barkley on the Warriors offensive mindset:

"I don't like the way that Golden State plays. They play like a playground basketball (team). They play like the Phoenix Suns used to, just trying to outscore you. Their numbers are always going to be better than they should be. They just try to outscore you, they don't try to win and that's what Phoenix did a couple of years ago."

Thanks to Eric Welch at TNT for sending along these notes.


Don Nelson doesn't play bad rookies and gets rid of them fast- THANK GOD.

Let's revisit that first quote from Nellie about loving good rookies like Stephen Curry and not liking to play bad rookies. For as much unfounded whining as the national/ local media and fans alike have given Nellie over the years for not gift wrapping undeserved playing time to raw rookies, you would think they'd at least acknowledge that this old hoops mastermind has an uncanny gift for quickly identifying which young players will blow up and which ones need to go. And with the Warriors recent draft picks by Chris Mullin there's been a lot that needed to go (also see Grading the Mullin Picks):

Patrick O'Bryant? No. Gone within 2 years without even getting the seemingly mandatory rookie option picked up. He BARELY plays for the Toronto Raptors right now and probably won't be in the league next season.

Ike Diogu? Nope. Gone and 4 teams later his career has amounted to very little. Can you believe ESPN's John Hollinger was destroying the Warriors in the Pacers-Warriors 8 player swap over 2 years ago for giving up Ike?

Kosta Perovic? Good god no. He shouldn't have been drafted nor inked to a ridiculous 3 year deal by Chris Mullin. Guess what NBA team Kosta currently plays for? I'll give you 30 guesses and you still won't guess right.

Marco Belinelli? Don't believe the hype. Belinelli is one of the worst rebounding and defending guards in the entire association. If the Raptors are the least bit smart they won't waste $3.4 million on his option in 2011-2012.

Marcus Williams wasn't a rookie or 2nd year player, but let's not forget him either. Nellie quickly identified that Chris Mullin's costly 1st rounder exchange was simply foolish.

Moral of the Story: Nellie has an eye for young NBA talent. Don't let the haters confuse you.

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