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Game thread #58: Pistons @ Warriors - Motown versus Oaktown

(Quite possibly the ugliest jerseys of ALL-TIME)

Warriors (W-L): 16-41

Pistons (W-L): 21-37

Tip Off: 7:30pm PST

TV: CSN | Radio: KNBR

Blog Buddy: Detroit Bad Boys

Oh how times have changed! The way these two teams are looking, you would swear it was the late nineties again. The Bad Boys are indeed bad (late 90s NBA-jersey BAD) as their record indicates and the Warriors, a somewhat ambiguous team of d-leaguers, role players fronting as important pieces, and a few aged veterans on the farewell tour reminds me vaguely of the unbearable 1997-1998 season which "starred" Tony Delk, Jim Jackson, Bimbo Coles, and Felton Spencer. There was also a guy named "Carl Thomas," who unfortunately wasn't the crooner who admitted on a song that he'd rather NOT know his girlfriend was cheating on him. These two teams now (and then) are looking pretty terrible.


(...but not as terrible as these jerseys)

Joe Dumars is looking very Chris Mullin right now after committing some Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy money last summer. Maybe there is really something about these two place, Detroit and Oakland, that are as similar as Raphael Saadiq suggested on, "Detroit Girl." But the Pistons have played .500 ball in the month of February and over the course of this season have pulled off a string of short win streaks that Warriors (and Warriors fans) can only dream of. So, I guess they diverge in some ways...

But who will win this battle of the cellar dwellars? More after the jump..

Lets get physical:

The Pistons, despite being a shadow of their formal selves, are still a physical team. Charlie Villanueva is no Rasheed Wallace, but Jonas Jerebko might be the next Bison Dele. Jason Maxiell seems to always have big games versus the Warriors, too. The Pistons aren't as big as they used to be, but they got height, length and toughness at all other positions. Look for the Warrior softies (sans Turiaf) to be out matched on the boards. Warriors need to get tougher! Or a new workout plan. Maybe Olivia Newton John can help?

Stephen Curry

Expect an off-night from him. Based off his stats from the last month or so, Curry seems to have a difficult time putting together consecutive good (shooting) nights. Plus he seems to struggle offensively with bigger, more physical guards (Jrue Holiday, Deron Williams). The Pistons guard lineup is tall (Hamilton, Prince) if not strong (Rodney Stuckey). Perhaps it's just a confidence issue at this point more than anything. He's a crafty player, as we all know by now, so maybe we'll see some new aspects to his game like we've never seen before.

Andris Biedrins and Ronny Turiaf

Someone get these guys some hand transplants...the hands of Spiderman. Turiaf in particular has had some trouble lately corralling in passes often leading to what Jim Barnett describes as "making things (shots) harder for himself than they actually are." But besides this, these two (and we might as well add Anthony Tolliver to the conversation while we're at it) seem to have the hardest time finishing in traffic. I'm sure we've all noticed what Nellie mentioned in the last game about Curry possibly having 20 assists if the big men could actually finish in the paint. Are we expecting too much from Biedrins and Turiaf? Is it too much to ask for them to convert a few (contested) layups against opposing big men, especially on plays like the pick and roll, which are in part designed for them? The Warriors need more production from them.


  • Warriors either win by 11 or lose by 15.
  • Curry has an off-night, 11 pts (3-15 shooting) but has 7 assists and 8 boards.
  • Monta Ellis has 24 points on 33 shots.
  • The Pistons and the Warriors collectively hit up The New Parish afterwards to talk about how their cities are so alike.

What are your predictions?

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