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Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 95 vs Detroit Pistons 88 - Warriors grind out a win, Biedrins groin strain

Box score | Gameflow

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP #58: Warriors 95, Pistons 88 - We reinvented "comebacks"
Game thread: Game thread #58: Pistons @ Warriors - Motown versus Oaktown (1300+ comments)

Pistons: Detroit Bad Boys
Recap: Nothing Doin' Late: Warriors 95, Pistons 88
Game thread: Still Rooting for Detroit: Pistons @ Warriors

Other recaps

Associated Press recap: Warriors rally to beat Pistons 95-88
Sports Network recap: Warriors use strong second half to defeat Pistons
Marcus Thompson II recap: Curry fuels Warriors victory
Rusty Simmons recap: Watson shows heart in comeback

Pregame News

- No pregame news found.

Pregame Videos

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Postgame News

- Still recovering from his stomach flu, CJ gave whatever he could tonight.
Marcus Thompson II: Gritty Watson helps fills the void of Ellis' absence

Postgame Videos

Matt Steinmetz interviews Anthony Tolliver.

Don Nelson at the podium.

Highlights by orangino.

Postgame Quotes from recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"I never would have thought that I would praise (Anthony) Morrow for his defensive effort so this will be a first. He and C.J. (Watson) both had a nightmare offensive game where they couldn’t make shots tonight which made it difficult for us to stay in the game for a long period of time. They actually defended really well. I really think we owe this win to (Ronny) Turiaf and (Anthony) Tolliver. Tolliver especially couldn’t make a shot at first and hung in there, he did the major work on the boards that we needed to stay close enough to win. (Stephen) Curry was good as always. Sometimes you don’t know how you win games but we just stayed long enough to make plays at the right time and the force was with us."
Ronny Turiaf
On coming off the benc:
"All I think about is going out and just playing. Do whatever I can to help the team anyway possible. I bring things to the table that are different." On winning a close game: "It feels tremendously awesome, to put it nicely. We’ve been in those situations, unfortunately on the other side of it so it definitely feels good and it give us a breath of fresh air in a sense. We start feeling good about ourselves and hopefully we can carry that momentum into the nice little road trip that we have ahead of us."
C.J. Watson
On tonight's game:
"I think our energy picked up in the second half. Our transition points were a big factor, and we got a lot of stops in the second half that we didn’t get in the first half."

On the team's multiple comeback wins:
"That is just a typical thing of the Warriors, since I’ve been here. We go down by 20 points and end up coming back and wining the game or getting it close to getting back in position to win. It’s just a thing we keep fighting , we never give up and it’s a good thing for this team especially with our record and how many people we have."
Anthony Morrow
On his defense:
"I just wanted to go out there and make an impact on the game. Coach Nelson is always on me offensively if I’m playing well or not making shots, like I was tonight, he says ‘Make an impact on the game somehow’ so that’s one thing I wanted to do. Tayshaun (Prince)is a tough cover, they got a lot of offensive guys, so I just wanted to lock down and do what I could. It’s tough keeping those guys off the glass, so I just try to have quick hands and stay active and that’s what I did."

On the comeback:
"It was just fighting, man. We knew we were going to eventually make something…somebody’s going to start making shots and once one person makes shots everybody’s going to start. I made a couple in the second half, Stephen (Curry) got hot, C.J. (Watson) got hot, Anthony (Tolliver) got hot. Our big men did a great job. Everybody just did a great job defensively, it just really worked out for us."

My Notebook

- No interesting notes to add tonight.

What's next?

- Road trip time. The Warriors head to the south east part of the US in a brutal 5 games in 7 nights trip:
Tues @Heat 4:30pm, Wed @Magic 4:00pm, Fri @Hawks 4:30pm, Sat @Bobcats 4:00pm, Mon @Hornets 5:00pm.
- We'll see tomorrow or Monday if Monta and Biedrins will travel on the road trip.

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