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(Golden State) Warriors where are they now? Checking in on former Chris Mullin favs Mike Dunleavy + Troy Murphy

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For old times sake... CHARMIN SOFT!

A lot of the bandwagoners and national/ local media alike might not recall, but pre-Nellieball Dubs version 2.0 and pre-WE BELIEVE we were treated to the prospect of a seemingly endless future with the tandem GSoM friend Damon Bruce termed the "Dun-Murphy Sisters". It was the softest front court ever assembled courtesy of the Warriors publicity stunt at GM.

Well just how are those two Chris Mullin favs doing in Indy?

JUMP to find out.

This pretty much sums it up:

They have played their entire careers without going to the postseason

Even Chris Cohan aka the worst owner in all of pro sports has been to the playoffs once. Even Adonal Foyle was able to achieve that- on the Warriors no less! Just like Monta Ellis with his turnovers and Andris Biedrins with his free throws, Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy are looking to break some NBA records.

Head on over to Mike Wells' piece over at Pacers' Murphy, Dunleavy hate long playoff drought and definitely read the whole thing. Actually read it twice just for kicks. Remember how Dunleavy bashed the Warriors and exclaimed he was so excited to go to a playoff team and ditch the Dubs and their fans? I guess he took that all that "he's a winner" nonsense that his fanboys showered him with back then a little too seriously. Okay read it a third time just for fun.

For more on the Indiana Pacers check out Indy Cornrows.

Looking back now after all those tortured years waiting for Mullin's "vision" of a Mike Dunleavy- Troy Murphy- Adonal Foyle front court to materialize, it's just funny. Okay it's sad that we actually had to go through that painful "development process" and this organization's asinine delusions that it was even remotely a good idea to build around this pair and lock them up to outrageous big money deals before they even hit restricted free agency (100% undeserved in Dunleavy's case), but all we can do now is laugh.

Some parting questions:

  • Where are all those folks who used to type furiously at their keyboards screaming at us back in the day for saying Mike Dunleavy was never going to "blossom" and Mullin wasn't out of his mind for inking him to that absurd 4 year 44 million dollar deal back in 2005? (We can't hear you...)
  • Shoot, where are all those Dunleavy homers who used to whine that the Warriors woes under Monty/ Mullin back in 2005-2006 were because Baron Davis was holding Dunleavy back? (Still can't hear you...)
  • Let's say Don Nelson didn't come along to save Mullin and this franchise back in the summer of 2006 and didn't publicly bash this pair on his weekly Don Nelson Show and demand they be traded. What would life be like if the Warriors were still (mis)managed by Mullin and still pursuing Dunmurphy dreams?
  • Okay this isn't a question, but I always thought Murph was a cool cat. His defense left a LOT to be desired and he didn't exactly finish strong around the bucket, but I appreciated his years of service to the Dubs. Maybe if he didn't have a jumpshot and stepped up his defense from awful to bad, Murphy would have cultivated a fanboy following always armed with endless excuses to argue that he's a top 5, top 10, top-something player at his position despite his glaring wholes and bizarre lack of effort to correct his very fixable flaws. (Translation: He'd be Andris Biedrins aka Troy-Murphy-without-a-jumpshot.)
  • Are Murphy + Dunleavy the worst $100+ million ever spent by an NBA front office man? Or are Murphy + Foyle even worse?

Good times in Dubs Land brought to you by Chris Mullin.

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