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Best "Go-To-Moves" Ever: Tim Hardaways's crossover, Kareem Abdul Jabbar's Skyhook, or Antawn Jamison's 15 foot scoop shots?

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(UTEP "two-step"... one of the greatest things from Texas)

Michael Jordan had it. Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwan did, too. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar might have perfected it and made it worth pursuing.

But we all know Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph don’t. Heck, the last Warrior to really have it might have been Tim Hardaway.

No, we’re not talking about championship rings or even playoff wins.

What I’m talking about is "the go-to-move": The impossible to defend and almost 100% score-able move that players can count on and opponents struggle mightily to create strategies for.

I’ve wondered about "go-to-moves" for a while since many of our Warrior players, sans Stephen Curry and his ever improving 5-15 foot flip shot, drafted are offensively and defensively raw….so raw they make butcher shops seem cooked.

Although Jordan, Akeem, and Kareem don’t "own" those moves as much as they perfected them and made these moves into iconic poses and moments of NBA history, their timeless moves have been utilized by many players and some with the same success as these greats.

So, with that said, what makes a "go-to-move" a "go-to-move"? And what are some of the best ‘go-to-moves’ ever?

In a December 2009 USA Today story titled "Craft can trump athletic with go-to-basketball moves," Jeff Zilgitt talks to a few older NBA players, retired players, and coaches about what a "go-to-move" is. But based on Zilgitt’s sample of players, the need to be "crafty" (in other words, the need for "go-to-moves") is more a necessity of age and deteriorating athleticism. In talking to Steve Nash, former NBA player and Pacer great Reggie Miller, and Antawn Jamison, Zilgitt frames this craftiness, using Nash and Miller’s words and Antawn’s age, as "the old guy at the Y" who just knows how to win games with

But what Zilgitt’s article also seems to suggest is that the ‘go-to-move’ can be just about anything. From a Ray Allen’s smooth and automatic, systematic jumper to Antawn Jamison’s awkward to the point of being almost clumsy "unconventional hook shots and scoop shots with either hand, fade-aways and up-and-under post moves."

Jamison’s random under-hand scoop shots from 10-15 feet out or his turnaround baby hooks from the block are his patented moves, which many have compared to Bernard King for his quick release and incredible ability to score around basket.

I wouldn’t necessarily call Ray Allen’s jumper a go-to-move as much as he is a sharp shooter, but Zilgitt’s short piece does provide a more flexible idea of what a ‘go-to-move’ could be and how players, like Jamison, are continuously inventing new and, more importantly, effectives moves. It can’t be random luck that Jamison has consistently averaged 20-10 for most of his career.

I would say the orthodoxy if not banality of a baby hook or a 10-foot floater or flip shot will get you some groans and more likely little respect by some players at the gym. But, in recent months, I’ve learned to integrate a few quick, quick easy drop step flip shots from the block or very quick turnaround baby hooks ala Jamison. This is mostly because I’m getting too lazy and tired to be running around a lot.

Here are a few youtube videos of some notable and pretty remarkable ‘go-to-moves’ from the past. Take note kids and spend some extra hours at the gym fine-tuning your own go-to-moves! Also, GSoMers, feel free to share with fellow-GSoMers what your ‘go-to-move’ is! Maybe if we are able to share with each other our moves…we will each have an amazing arsenal of moves that will make us ‘unstoppable baby’ on the courts!

(Check the 45-51 second mark for one of the most ridiculous shots ever)

(Everything you need to learn about how to make a proper fadeaway)

(jook moves that will get your defenders twisted)

(A move that might not get you ladies, but may get you into the hall of fame)

(Your go-to-move if you want to get the ladies)

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