Case for drafting Demarcus Cousins

So the end of the season is near and we all should be ready for tank mode, right?! Yes! We should all be in tank mode by now because the top 5 players in this draft can really help out any team, and especially a team like ours that is in need for change at every position besides the 1... You heard it fellas, by now, all of us should have given the keys to our upcoming superstar Stephen the Prodigy Curry!... Does that fit? I mean, I think it fits because his story tells it all. He was the kid of star Dell Curry so he should be a prodigy right? OK, anyways... Our point guard position is pretty much a done deal for I'm hoping the next 8 years or so. The rest of our positions can be changed but the one that we need most right now is the 5. So you read the title and I'm here to make the case for picking Demarcus Cousins no matter what pick we get. This man is a BEAST waiting to be unleashed but also needs to be kept on a leash...

Our team as of now really needs a change at the most critical position in the NBA - Center. It's no secret that the Dubs have been getting pounded on by every team in the NBA that has some size and/or beef and it's basically because we have none to back it up. I can't stress how important the center position is and I'm sure many of us know Biedrins was never and will never be the center that we need to be a championship caliber team. We now have the chance to use our pick on a young center that has the potential to become a very dominating force in the NBA for years to come.

Here are videos to get you in the mood:

Go to the 7:30 minute mark if you just want to see what his play of the game was and his stats and his knocked out teeth.

Ok... I know it's just little boys but at least he's showing us what he can do.

Imagine this being Curry to Cousins! No one wants to be in front of a 270lb beast running the floor!

Alright, so pretty good stuff huh? Yes, it's just high light reels but I can tell you that these highlight reels already impress me more than anything Andris Biedrins has done so far and this guy is still raw.

Take a good look at his draft express

The strengths which he possesses are everything that you can look for in a PF/C.

His weaknesses can all be turned into strengths with time. Big men take the longest to maximize their playing ability.

Look at our team and who we've drafted the past several years. We drafted a couple of guards and a couple of power forwards. It is finally time to draft a legit big man with BEEF!!! Not only does he have BEEF but he has the athleticism and length to become a very dominating force! They pretty much say he's a taller and more athletic Carlos Boozer.

I've been fed up with watching this team trying to compete against giants and not being able to pick up a defensive rebound because they are just too small or get pushed around so easily around the basket. Our best rebounders on the team consists of:

Biedrins who is a fairly good defensive rebounder but can't do jack on the offensive end which includes taking people off the dribble, creating his own shot, shooting a mid range jumper, ability to get to the FT line and of course making them. He also can't be relied on the defensive end for post up defense because he's waaaay to scrawny for a center and gets pushed around like a rag doll against practically any center in the NBA which probably includes our very own Chris Hunter.

Randolph is an OK rebounder but he thrives off getting rebounds with extra effort and jumping ability to get most of them instead of positioning and boxing out. Not only that, but he is looking to block a shot instead of alter it so many times he isn't going to grab the rebound anyways. For him to become the best player he can be, he needs to have a center that can offset his tremendous athletic abilities. Hey... don't we have a chance at that with Demarcus Cousins?! Yes!

Basically... Cousins is a player that can really help us fill a void; he's been the missing piece we've been looking for. Remember Larry Riley saying we're looking for BEEF? Now is the time buddy. Keep to your words and do us all a huge favor by not drafting Favors and drafting the BEEFY and nimble Demarcus Cousins.

Curry would have the high-flyer Randolph to throw some lobs to and Cousins for some high-power moves. It's what I've been waiting for baby...

If somehow we luck into the 1st or 2nd pick, I say trade it away for the 3rd pick so we can still pick up either Wall / Turner or Cousins. If someone else drafts him then we go for Wall / Turner / or Favors. It's that easy fellas! But our priority should be Cousins, hands down.

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