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GAME THREAD #79: Golden State Warriors @ LA Clippers - Yawnfest, the sequel

We were just here two weeks ago, and it was a ugly, sloppy, forgetful, giant snoozefest of a game. It's hard to imagine anything different for tonight's game with just 4 games to for us and 3 games to go for them. Now that Nellie has the record and the players had their celebration with Nellie, I expect an emotional vacuum to set in for our players. The end result? Yawnfest, the sequel.

In standings news, the Warriors currently hold the 3rd place lotto spot by a 1/2 after the Kings beat the Clippers yesterday and after the Wizards beat the Celtics in Boston (That is NOT a typo). A loss would be nice for us to maintain the 3rd place spot.

In injury news, according to Matt Steinmetz twitter, CJ Watson will be out for the rest of the season.

(earlier this morning)
Warriors guard C.J. Watson with hairline rib fracture, done for rest of season #GSW #NBA

So grab a blanket and a pillow and join us as long as you can stand it for this game. If you suffer from insomnia, you cannot miss this game. Doctor's orders.