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GAME THREAD #80: Golden State Warriors vs Oklahoma City Thunder - Durant Goes for 40?

Why does it look like Corey's trying to kiss him and Durant is scared?

Warriors (W-L): 24-55
Thunder (W-L):
6:00 Pacific
Radio: KNBR 680

The Warriors are currently the 3rd "best" team in the lottery by one less win and currently half a game. The Warriors are 24-55 while the Wizards and Kings are 25-55. As playoffs team like to say, the Warriors "control their own destiny". They have a great chance to end up as the 3rd "best" team in the lottery with upcoming games against 3 playoff teams still fighting for position - Oklahoma City Thunder, Utah Jazz, and Portland Trailblazers. Those could and should all be losses, but you just never know sometimes

The Thunder are the surprise team out West. I think everyone expected them to be much better than last year's 23-59 record but to have a shot at 50 wins? As good as Durant and the supporting cast is, I don't think there are many people out there who would have penciled them in for 50+ wins. This probably came a year or two earlier than people expected. But it's been a nice surprise. With Houston and New Orleans slipping up this year, the Thunder had a legit chance and they took advantage of it.

Durant is a beast. We all know that. He's got a chance to get some MVP votes this year. LeBron should be the unanimous winner, but Durant will be on the ballot. I'm heading out to the game (hopefully the weather doesn't get too bad) so I'm hoping for a great night by one of the game's best players.

Tonight will be tough on the Warriors, it's another back to back game at the end of the season. I'm a little worried about this being a blowout because of the discrepancy in talent level but also because the Warriors just might be tired. And being tired against a very good team can only mean problems. Look for the Thunder to try to put this game away early. If the Warriors stick around, maybe being tired won't be such a big issue.


  • Thunder by 12
  • Kevin Durant scores 42 points
  • Stephen Curry plays less than 35 minutes and notches a double double