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Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 122 @ Portland Trailblazers 116 - Nellie forces 6-fouls-stay-in-game rule to protect injured players

Box score | Gameflow

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP #82: Golden State Warriors 122, Portland Trailblazers 116- Golden State of Heart
Game thread: Las Vegas League Preseason GameThread #1: Golden State Warriors @ Portland TrailBlazers (1300+ comments)

Trail Blazers: Blazersedge
Recap: Game 82 Recap: Blazers 116, Warriors 122--Portland Captures 6th Seed vs. Phoenix
Post game: Gameday Open Thread: Warriors vs. Blazers--Post-Game
Game thread 2: Gameday Open Thread: Warriors vs. Blazers--Second Half with Seeding Update
Game thread 1: Gameday Open Thread: Warriors vs. Blazers--First Half with Seeding Update
Pregame: Gameday Open Thread: Warriors vs. Blazers--Pre-Game

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Curry scores 42 and Warriors beat Blazers 122-116
Sports Network recap: Curry nets 42 as Warriors top playoff-bound Blazers
Rusty Simmons recap: Limp to victory is fitting finish
Kerry Eggers, recap: Warriors end wacky season with short-handed win in Portland

Pregame News

- No pregame news found.

Pregame Videos

A Warriors Thank You video for the fans.

Matt Steinmetz on Monta's areas of improvement.

Postgame News

- Looks like Curry is the team's point guard, leaving Monta as the team's shooting guard. MT2 looks at where that leaves the other 3 positions. Plus a brief recap of the game.
Marcus Thompson II: Golden State Warriors end on high note, down Portland Trail Blazers

Postgame Videos

Don Nelson in the hallway.

Highlights by orangino.

CSN recap. recap.

A little bit edited, but here's the sequence where Nellie forces the 6-fouls-stay-in-the-game rule.

Postgame Quotes from recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"What a bizarre game, huh? Tell you one thing: If Stephen Curry isn’t Rookie of the Year there’s something wrong. What a performance, Co-Rookie of the Year would be beautiful, but that guy is pretty special and his performance tonight…what a ball game when I really only had five guys, 48 minutes and all of those guys had great stamina to get through a game like that and found a way to hang in there and win it. I’m very proud of them; it was a pretty special game for us."

"The guys said they want the video tape of the game, they just think it was the greatest game they ever played in, to do something like that. And you know what? They might be right."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
"It was a lot of fun to go out there and get a win considering the circumstances, and a great way to finish it out."

"It’s the last game of the year of my Rookie season. Considering everything that’s happened this year, for us to finish it out the way we did, and for it to be such a crazy game, definitely going to be one I remember, I’ll get the game tape, clip, or a video or DVD, and make sure I keep this one on file…I just tried to take what the defense was giving me early in the game and didn’t want to force anything…The whole confusion (with the fouls) gave me and my teammates a little time to rest and get that going."

On his season:
"I didn’t have much expectations coming in, I just wanted to come in with a hard work ethic and use the opportunity I was going to have to be productive. I didn’t really know how productive I was going to be, but as the season went on I got a lot more confident, a lot more experience, and significant minutes and I think I progressed quicker than expected, so towards the end of the year I felt really confident out there."
Devean George
On the team playing through injuries:
"We’ve been staying strong, throughout the injuries and the ups and downs of the season. We didn’t stray away and start pointing fingers, we just kept fighting."

Twitter Fun

BlackBoiPachino: What can I say I been real blessed, this was a night we'll never forget this is one of the closest teams i've ever been on, proud of my boys
KAzubuike7: Great win tonight warriors and a great end to the season! So excited for next season!Comin back strong! I appreciate the love warriors fans!
MSteinmetzCSN: RT @blazersedge: the golden state warriors' bench during the 4th quarter: COMPLETELY empty
gswscribe: The players requested a copy of the game so they can watch and keep. Devean George: "I'm getting this one on DVD."

My Notebook

- No interesting notes to add tonight.

What's next?

- For the Warrior fan in you, it's lotto time, the draft, and then Summer League. For the NBA fan in you, the playoffs start this Saturday.

- I'm appreciative of the thanks and support from people who enjoyed these links post. It takes a lot more energy and concentration and stress to do this than it looks, especially to do it game after game, and also for practice days and days off. And then you factor in that I have a real full time job that also requires a lot of focus and concentration, and I am definitely worn out right now.

So what's next for me is to take some time off from story hunting and relax for a while, then figure out how to make this easier on myself for next season. So unless some crazy Warriors related story shows up, I'll most likely be quiet on the front page for a while.

Oh wait a second. Tomorrow there's one final Warriors Weekly Radio, and I think there's one more Warriors Weekly TV this week too. Also, I still need to wait for Matt Steinmetz to post a link to this week's chat transcript. And I'll have to check to see if Don Nelson will do one final Don Nelson Show tomorrow with Ralph and Tom... Arrrhgh, it just doesn't end.