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BREAKING NEWS: Golden State Warriors win coin flip against Washington Wizards for 2010 NBA Draft Lottery positioning


I wonder how much the NBA's official coin flipper gets paid.


JUMP to find out what this all means!

GSoM friend Matt Steinmetz tweets:

Warriors win coin toss with Wizards, will be slotted fourth going into next month's draft lottery

I'll pass the mic to longtime GSoM community member Sleepy Freud for what this means:

From that realGM site, here are the differences between the 4th and 5th seed - i.e. what we gained by winning today's epic coin toss:

1st: 10.4% to 10.3%
2nd: 11.2% to 11.1%
3rd: 12.0% to 12.0%
4th: 9.9% to 0.0%
5th: 35.1% to 26.1%
6th: 16.0% to 36.0%
7th: 1.2% to 8.4%
8th: 0.0% to 0.4%

Overall chances at a Top 4 pick:
Warriors 47.7%
Wizards 29.1%

Overall chances at a Top 5 pick:
Warriors 82.8%
Wizards 55.2%


There's really no other way to describe this.

Looking over the Wikipedia article on the NBA Draft Lottery this means that the Warriors can draft no lower than the 7th spot in the 2010 NBA Lottery.

The 7th spot ain't so bad either. Remember the Warriors had the 7th pick in the draft last time around and wound up with this guy:


2009-2010 NBA Rookie of the Year: The case for Stephen Curry vs Brandon Jennings + Tyreke Evans

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