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Jason Richardson is the man, No KG = mollywhoop of the Heat, Kobe Bryant knows how to rain on a parade, Hawks win cause JJ's got the Js, Stephen Jackson WILL play, Cuban hates the Spurs - 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 5 -

Originally posted at 11:29 AM PDT

Guess I didn't just make the longest title ever.

Alright so, playoff mode. Everyone's intense - including the Shaqtus. So intense that he's given up Krispy Kreme donuts for the next month or two.


Make the jump for a quick recap of yesterday and previews for today's games.

Trailblazers 90, Suns 119 - Jason Richardson is the man!


29 points,6 boards. Man, I miss this guy. We traded him for...Brandan Wright? What were his stats like this year?

Steve Nash had 16 assists. Guess that's how you win...

Heat 77, Celtics 106 - No KG = mollywhoop of the Heat


Note - No Kevin Garnett in that picture.

Apparently the "Ticket Stub" aka "Big Baby" Glen Davis (how is he ok with either of those two nicknames?) can do more than "fill in" for KG while he's out. 23 points with 8 boards ain't too shabby. Add in a 44-8 run by the Celtics and you have a mollywhoop.

Thunder 92, Lakers 95 - Kobe Bryant knows how to rain on a parade


This guy does not make me happy. Just when I thought Kevin Durant was going to pull this one out with his 32 points and 8 boards, the "Black Mamba" had to score 40 points and take over int he 4th. I checked the weather and it's currently raining in OKC. Sorry Zorgon.

Bucks 86, Hawks 96 - Hawks win cause JJ's got the Js


Man, this guy is hot hot, hot! Let's hope the Knicks end up being Joe Johnson, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh! YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Bobcats vs. Magic - Stephen Jackson WILL play


Man, I detest this guy now. I hope the Bobcats get swept and SJax realizes how far away he is from his "contender." Let's go MAGIC!!!

Spurs vs. Mark Cuban (Mavericks) - Cuban hates the Spurs


I don't know what's worse - a load-mouthed passionate owner (Mark Cuban) or an owner that clearly does give a - (Chris Cohan). I appreciate the excitement and the attempt to create a big rivalry, but to go on record and say "I hate the Spurs" seems a bit out of hand. But do whatever you want Mr. Cuban. Clearly you know how to win in the playoffs. (hehehehe)