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Kevin Durant, 19 rebounds! + Boston Celtics @ Miami Heat + Dallas Mavericks @ San Antonio Spurs + Denver Nuggets @ Utah Jazz : : 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 7

Russell Westbrook is amazing.

Oklahoma City Thunder 101, Los Angeles Lakers 96
Welcome to Loud City
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Silver Screen and Roll
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Chicago Bulls 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 106
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Fear the Sword
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Phoenix Suns 108, Portland Trailblazers 89
Bright Side of the Sun
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Blazers Edge
Recap: Game 3 Recap: Blazers 89, Suns 108

Pointing their way to New York?

#4 Boston Celtics @ #5 Miami Heat (Boston leads 2-0)

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Amazing. No Kevin Garnett and the Celtics blow out the Heat. It's great what a 44-8 run will do for you isn't it? Are the Celtics better without Kevin Garnett? In fact, the more and more Kevin Garnett is in Boston, the more I can't stand him. In Minnesota, I thought he was great, but now that he's in the spotlight more often. He just seems like an ass. He'll be back for this game from his one game suspension from elbowing Quentin Richardson in the face.

The Heat just cannot score. 76 points in Game 1, 77 points in Game 2. Somebody other than Dwyane Wade better step up or this team is done. Michael Beasley? Jermaine O'neal?

If the Heat get swept, is there any chance D-Wade stays in Miami? I doubt it no matter how much he says he wants to stay.

I had previously counted the Celtics out, but if they can continue to play tough D like they're doing while putting up a respectable number of points, they have a shot at getting to the Eastern Conference Finals.


He really has come 360 degrees

#2 Dallas Mavericks @ #7 San Antonio Spurs (Series tied 1-1)

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This matchup is like a turn back the clock matchup. These two seemed to meet every year in the early 2000's. I'm looking forward to this matchup. The Mavericks were one of the favorites to represent the Western Conference but the Spurs will always be tough to beat in a 7 game series. This also shows the depth of the Western Conference where the Spurs are the 7th seed and good enough to make a run at the Finals.


Ladies and gentleman, your starting center for the Utah Jazz...Kyrylo Fesenko!

#4 Denver Nuggets @ #5 Utah Jazz (Series tied 1-1)

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When Mehmet Okur went down, I thought the Jazz would be in trouble having to start Kyrylo Fesenko, he of the 2.6 points per game and 1.8 rebounds per game. They lost a huge part of their offense, but a few guys stepped up to fill the void. And it helped that the Nuggets are not a good defensive team. A disciplined team, as the Jazz will always be under Jerry Sloan, will have a chance against a poor defensive team. This series gets interesting as it moves to Utah. If the Jazz can take both games at home, this series is over.