Why do we have an uneducated media educating fans on basketball?

The propeganda of sports media is hitting a new level. When constant statistical metrics are being created, and shown to be effective, why are they put into the dust by the main distributors of information? This information is much more informative and insightful than Jalen Rose or Marc Jackson screaming into a micro-phone with a New York accent talking jiberrish such as , " Kobe Bryant will go down as the greatest player to ever play the game" or " Kobe Bryant is the best player we have in this league!".

When will someone with the money and time stand up and shove it all in their face?

If you want to provide honest analysis of a subject, provide the listeners with the facts and let them make opinions based off of this. You don't come up with thesis' that are merely hyperbole and unarguable, and shove this down their throat. Well, you can, but that is merely propeganda. And mind you, sports are not some government policy that they want you to approve. It is an aesthletically pleasing hobby for most of us.

Today, it was confirmed Tyreke Evans will win Rookie of the Year. Who voted for this award? The media. We all know the statistical evaluations show Curry is helping his team win more than Evans. Evans (once again) will win the award because he scores more points per game. Again, this is not too valuable when it comes to winning games, and being the 'best' player. Curry was the more efficient scorer, better passer, rebounder, and had a better adjusted +/- .

Curry is another 'victim' to sports media's desire to ignore all relevant statistical measures of excellence, yet not ignore the least important one- PPG.

Oh, hey look... Jamal Crawford. He won 6th man of the year. He scored alot on good efficiency. But all evidence shows, he was still crap at rebounding, defense, and winning- more important than your good 'ol PPG.

I hope more people like Dave Berri land spots on ESPN in the future so they can tell the people the truth.

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