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Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 113 @ Toronto Raptors 112 - Don Nelson ties Lenny Wilkens in wins

Box score | Gameflow

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP: Golden State Warriors 113, Toronto Raptors 112 - Don Nelson ties record on Easter Sunday...this is almost biblical, wouldn't you say?
Game thread: Game Thread #76: Golden State Warriors @ Toronto Raptors - Because Easter Bunnies aren't real (850+ comments)

Raptors: Raptors HQ
Recap: Raptors Rapid Recap - Golden State 113 - Toronto 112
Game thread: Game-Day Thread: Golden State vs. Toronto

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Warriors win, Nelson ties career wins record
Sports Network recap: Nelson ties Wilkens; Warriors deal Raptors tough loss
Curtis Pashelka recap: Warriors win puts Nelson on top with Wilkens as NBA's all-time winningest coach
Another Curtis Pashelka recap, with quotes: Don Nelson's record-tying win is a thriller for Warriors

Pregame News

- Before the Raptors game, some quotes and bits on trying to get Nellie's record.
Curtis Pashelka: Warriors' Nelson one win from tying record

Pregame Videos

- No pregame videos found.

Postgame News

- After Don Nelson tied Lenny Wilkens, NBA Fanhouse called him up to talk about it.
Chris Tomasson: Wilkens Offers Congratulations to Nelson for Tying Coaching Wins Record

Postgame Audio

1:18 min: Tim Roye's final call of the game

- It turns out that intentionally fouling at 10 seconds was Nellie's call after all.
1:39 min: Jim Barnett interviews Don Nelson

Postgame Videos

Don Nelson in the hallway.

Ronny Turiaf in the locker room.

Stephen Curry in the locker room.

Corey Maggette in the locker room.

Stephen Curry on NBATV.

Highlights by orangino.

CSN recap. recap.

Postgame Quotes from recap

Don Nelson
On tonight's game:
"What a game to tie the record, huh? Unbelievable. It had about everything you'd want. Somehow we prevailed. We had a big enough lead to sustain it until the end, even though they made a tremendous comeback. This one was special for me, we won by a point. And it sure will be a game I remember."

On the post-game celebration:
"They put me in their circle of hope, or whatever they call that. I've been practicing. I did a little dance for them. I saw C.J. do it one time when he was in the middle, so I tried to imitate him and give them whatever I had."
Stephen Curry
On Nelson's reaction:
"You could tell once the buzzer went off and we won. He was smiling, jumping up and down. He knew how big it was. Even had a little small water bottle dumped on his head. It was fun. He's been in this league a long time so for him to have something to show for it at the top of the coaching ranks, it was huge."

On playing for Nelson this season:
"He's stuck with me and put a lot of confidence in me. In Monta's absence, a lot of guys have had to step up. For me, it's just trying to continue to learn how to finish games, manage games, and keep getting better."
Ronny Turiaf
On Nelson tying the record:
"When he thinks about it 10 years from now in his mansion in Maui, he'll remember that it was a fun game. The man upstairs, the great architect, does everything for a reason. He made for a game that guarantees that (Nelson) will forever remember. He'll remember the young guys out there fighting for him and doing what we could to get him the record."

Twitter Fun

(after the game)
StephenCurry30: Woah! Too close too close...glad we pulled that one out though. Congrats to Coach Nellie for tying the record
(after the game)
quietstorm_32: Big road win tonight congrats to nellie all time wins 1 more to break the record for him. obama land here we come!!!

Warriors Weekly Radio Show

- Bob Fitzgerald interviews Monta Ellis. (This is the exact same interview posted last week.)
15:45 min: Warriors Guard Monta Ellis

- Calbert Cheaney on his job duties, tips for players, what he scouts for, Monta and Biedrins, his basketball playing days.
12:02 min: Warriors Special Assistant Calbert Cheaney

- Al Attles on Nate Thurmond.
1:31 min: Tim Roye's Journal With Alvin Attles

- (I haven't gotten to this one yet.)
7:17 min: Dallas Mavericks Guard Jason Kidd

Other stuff

- Matt Steinmetz chat from earlier this week
Matt Steinmetz: Matt Steinmetz March 31 Chat Transcript

My Notebook

- No interesting notes to add tonight.

What's next?

- The road trip continues with a @Wizards and @TWolves back to back. The @Wizards game will be Tues at 4:00pm.

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