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Game Thread #77: Golden State Warriors @ Washington Wizards: Let's Make Some History.

Six games. Six games is all we have left of this abysmal season. Injuries, poor moves, and one D-League experiment after another is all that we've been able to bear witness to.  And while (at times) the effort has been monumental, I think that most of us can agree that this season simply needs to end.

Ironically, tonight we match up against a team that likely shares similar woes. After all, it is a team that has run behind us in recent years, slowly picking away many of our players. Some might say they try to emulate us in this manner. Unfortunately this year, they copied more than our taste in players.

They copied our record. (Ouch!)


C'mon boys! Do it for the Nellie Belly tonight.


Warriors (W-L): 23-53

Wizards (W-L): 23-53

Tip-Off: 4:00 Pacific


Radio: KNBR

With so many negatives to focus on, it's probably best to do ourselves a favor and focus on the positives. Or positive, in the singular sense. Tonight Nellie has a chance to make history by becoming the coach with the most wins in the history of the NBA. This is a particularly impressive feat when you consider his past few seasons, where few wins have come easily.

Tonight may very well be Nellie's best chance to get his win. Despite the fact that the next two games are against Minnesota and the Clippers, tonight's Wizards take the floor about as hobbled as a team can get. No Antawn, no Caron Butler, no Haywood and, thanks to watching too much Trigger Happy TV, no Arenas. This could be the best chance Nelson has.

So let's do it. In a few hours we take the floor and, hopefully, we'll see some history made tonight!

Let's Go Dubs!



  • Steph Curry goes for 25+
  • Arenas watches from home. Holding a gun.
  • Don Nelson makes history.

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