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Warriors Game Day Links: Golden State Warriors 116 @ Minnesota Timberwolves 107 - Nellie stands alone: 1333 wins

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Box score | Gameflow

Warriors: Golden State of Mind
Recap: RECAP: Golden State Warriors 116, Minnesota Timberwolves 107 - Congratulations Nellie!
Game thread: GAME THREAD #78: Golden State Warriors @ Minnesota Timberwolves - Still 1 Win Away (550+ comments)

Timberwolves: Canis Hoopus
Recap: And the record goes to...
Game thread: GameThread #78: vs. Warriors

Other Recaps

Associated Press recap: Nelson captures career victories record
Sports Network recap: Warriors beat Wolves; Nelson tops coaching wins list
Jim Beilby, recap: Don Nelson makes history in victory over Timberwolves
Marcus Thompson II recap: Warriors' Don Nelson becomes NBA's all-time leader in coaching wins
Rusty Simmons recap: Top of the NBA heap

Pregame News

N/A: Photo slide show: Don Nelson through the years

Pregame Videos

- No pregame videos found.

Postgame News

- No postgame news found.

Postgame Videos

The final seconds of the game.

Jim Barnett interviews Don Nelson.

Locker room celebration footage.

Don Nelson in the hallway.

NBATV interviews Don Nelson.

CSN postgame interviews Larry Riley.

CSN postgame phone interviews Lenny Wilkens.

John Lucas message for Don Nelson.

Anthony Tolliver in the locker room.

Anthony Morrow in the locker room.

Corey Maggette in the locker room.

Ronny Turiaf in the locker room.

Highlights by orangino.

CSN recap. recap.

Postgame Quotes from recap

Don Nelson
On breaking the record:
"It's such a neat feeling. This is probably why we end up coaching, for moments like this. The one in Toronto was special because it was right at the buzzer, this one tonight we had a lead and hung on. It was a little different kind of a game. The excitement of the team, who were part of this historical moment, makes me awful proud. I told the team that I love them dearly, that they are very special to me but sometimes they don't play like I want them to."

On achieving it with this team:
"You have so much respect for the number now, because wins are so hard to get. You really appreciate how hard it is to win games in the NBA. I don't care if teams are out there winning sixty at a time. They are hard to win."
Stephen Curry
On tonight's game:
"We kind of let it slip a little at the end and we kept it interesting, but got the win for him (Nelson)"

On progression:
"I have just gotten better over the course of the year. I'm staying focused on learning from my mistakes earlier and staying confident"
Corey Maggette
On tonight's game:
"Nellie hasn't really said anything about the record. He just wants to come out there and coach and try to find a way to win games with the people he has."
Anthony Tolliver
On tonight's game:
"It was a really big night for coach and we really wanted to get it for him. He's definitely a players' coach, someone that allows players to do what they can do and puts them into situations where they can succeed."

On his hot-shooting:
"I am very confident and very aggressive when I get going. Coach allows me to do what I want."

Twitter Fun

(after the game)
gswscribe: Curry first rookie ever to have at least 27 points, 14 assists, 8 rebounds and 7 steals. Only three players ever have had such a line
gswscribe: Only other two: Michael Ray Richardson (4/10/85 vs. Philly) had 27 pts, 14 asts, 8 reb, 7 stls. CP3 (1/26/09 vs. Philly) had 27/15/10/7

Other stuff

- Matt Steinmetz held his weekly online chat today.
Matt Steinmetz: Matt Steinmetz April 7 Chat Transcript

- has a special page set up about Don Nelson's record with videos, audio, quotes, photos, and stats: Nelson Making History. The most interesting video is Jim Barnett interviewing Don Nelson on his coaching career. These videos have been floating around for a few days now, so you may have already seen them elsewhere.

My Notebook

- From the Anthony Tolliver's post game, that's Sprite and Mountain Dew that they rained all over Nellie.

What's next?

- Four games left in the season, 2 pairs of back to backs with travel in between. The Warriors travel to LA to face @Clippers again, Sat. 7:30pm, then fly back home to face the Thunder on Sunday at 6:00pm.

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