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Orlando Magic sweep Atlanta Hawks, LA Lakers sweep Utah Jazz, Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers: Showdown at the Gund Corral :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 25


Bring out your old men.



Jump for the Day 24 Rewind and the Day 25 Preview:

Day 24 Rewind

Orlando Magic 98, Atlanta Hawks 84 -- Magics sweep 4-0.

Do I really need to recap this game? This series was so scripted that the Shaq-dubbed "Master of Panic", Stan van Gundy, never had a chance to get his knickers in a twist. The Magic swept the Hawks out of the playoffs, Joe Johnson out of Atlanta, and Mike Woodson out of the NBA.

Let me just say this about this year's Orlando Magic: Jameer Nelson is very underrated. And so are former Warriors Matt Barnes and Mickael Pietrus. They will give Lebron James fits, if David err..., Lebron has his way with the Celtics.


Next victim: Amare.

LA Lakers 111, Utah Jazz 96

The Jazz had no chance in this series. They don't run like the Thunder, they don't jump like the Thunder, they don't improvise like the Thunder. They've run the same plays for the last 30 years. Or is it 40? Not a great recipe for success when you're smaller and less talented.

And oh yes, they have playoff mega-dog Carlos Boozer.

Maybe I'm being too hard on sneaky ol' Booz. After all, he was up against the best power forward in the league, bar none, Pau Gasol. All-NBA Third Team? An insult.


Where's Rondo?

Day 25 Preview

Boston Celtics @ Cleveland Cavaliers -- 5PM PST on TNT

Thank God for this series. Because there ain't no others! Here are the highlights from the previous episodes:

Rajon Rondo lit the Cavs -- and NBA fans around the world -- on fire in game 4. 29, 18 and 13? Redonkulous! Just how good is this kid? Good enough that Lebron wants to guard him in game 5.

Shaq is PO'd. Mike Brown sat him all of the fourth quarter in game 4. Lebron is PO'd about that too. He called out Mike Brown.

If Lebron is guarding Rondo, he can't be guarding Paul Pierce. The Celtics need Paul Pierce. But Paul Pierce is injured. Paul Pierce is tired. Paul Pierce has been invisible. Calling Paul Pierce!

Lebron's elbow hurts. Sometimes.

Did I leave anything out? This has all the makings of an NBA Playoffs classic. Complete with subplots.

So why do I suspect this game will be a giant let-down? I'll let Doc Rivers do the talking for me, as he described the officiating in Game 3: "I felt like we were playing on the road, to be honest."

Well Doc, you're really on the road now. This doesn't look like Kansas, Toto.

The Celtics have the best team. The Cavs have the face of the NBA. Adjust your wagering accordingly.

My predictions:

  • Lightning strikes twice. Cavs go to the line 13 times in the first quarter.
  • Boston Celtics over 2.5 technicals.
  • A Celtic coach or player gets ejected.
  • Shaq plays in the fourth quarter. Or else.
  • Lebron James smiles for the cameras. As does another player.


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