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Say Goodbye to LeBron James, Cleveland - LeBron 2 New York Knicks this summer

Cleveland. Seriously what can I say? You were lucky to win the 2003 NBA Lottery. You trapped LeBron James in a flyover state for 7 years.

Now the good man can be freed.


After the jump a quote that pretty much sums Cleveland up- and more!

"You like it? You think Cleveland's cool? I never heard anybody say I'm going to Cleveland on vacation. What's so good about Cleveland?"

-- Joakim Noah explaining why CLEVELAND SUCKS [Larry Brown Sports]

Memo to LeBron: Escape from the armpit of America as fast as you can.

Also props to the Boston Celtics fans for the "NEW YORK KNICKS" chants while LeBron was shooting free throws as the Cavs were seeing their season slip away.



Last season: LeBron James Talks about the Cavaliers Loss to the Magic... Sporting a NY Cap

Also can we finally shut down the silliness that LeBron's best chance to win is in Cleveland? Give me a break. Surround LeBron with the Golden State D-Leaguers and you've got a contender. He's that good. Any team LeBron plays on is a contender. Do you really think LeBron James can't take the current Knicks cast (which most likely will be much improved this offseason) to the second round? Because that's how far the Cavs went this season.


As Marv Albert would say...



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