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Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 30


Watch out for those silly fouls!

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It's been 3 days since the Celtics upset the Cavaliers to advance to Round 3. The shock of the Cavaliers completely GIVING UP on the final minute of Game 6 has worn off. The questions and speculations about LeBron's future have tapered off. Now we're left with the top 4 teams in the league as we enter Round 3, the Conference Finals.

Today, the Celtics travel to Orlando to face the Magic. The Magic swept both of their opponents in the first 2 rounds, and they are well rested with 5 days off since their last game. They have lots of outside shooters with the green light to shoot, plus they have Dwight Howard in the paint who will power dunk it or grab rebounds. The Celtics are playing hard defense and playing together, like the 2008 championship team. They also have a more refined Rondo that gives the Celtics a dash of speed when they need someone to drive to the hoop. This will be the first true challenge for the Orlando Magic in the playoffs.

Let's do this.

Accuscore fun: Celtics 31% - Orlando Magic 69%
Series gameflows: None

Today's lineup:
Celtics @ Magic Game 1, ABC 12:30pm PDT

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