Your Good Luck Strategies for 2010 NBA Draft Lottery?

Well, tomorrow we will find out if the basketball gods have granted us a top pick in the NBA draft.

Like all gods of lore - the bball gods are a fickle bunch - we've had chances at great picks in years past only to fall short. In years when we did have a top pick - pickings were slim.

This year we have karma on our side - Team up for sale (finally!), epic year of injuries in the past season, golden boy curry that the NBA are eager to market, Nellie is all time winningest coach but still no HOF, and the best fans in the NBA!

But we, as the great fans we are, must pull out all the stops in the rabbit foot department. What will you do tomorrow to help improve our chances?

I plan to drink coffee out of Warrior mug in morning and beer out of warrior pint glass at night, wear all the warrior gear I own, play hoops with my son using our mini -warrior ball, watch highlights from last season, and pray to the late great Franklin Mieuli (late Warriors owner) to help us get a team so he can bring us a championship in death like he did in life.

Your plans?

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