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TODAY'S 2010 NBA Draft Lottery = 2010 NBA Playoffs for Golden State Warriors

Originally posted 4:15 AM PDT

Today on ESPN at 5pm PST folks, it's the annual Golden State Warriors playoffs. Did you enter your predictions in our contest? If not, hurry up before it starts!

Here's the odds in one fun-tastic visualization courtesy of longtime GSoMer Sleepy Freud (also see 2010 NBA Draft Lottery Odds Redux: Pies for Everyone!)


Also make sure to check out genesic's FanPost Draft Lottery Probabilities.

Just for more on the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery!

What time is it?



2010 NBA Draft Lottery Central on

The bigger picture:


[Click for Full Size]

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery and more:

In sports they always say when you're up by a ton of points, scoring a touchdown, etc you shouldn't celebrate too much and just act like you've been there before. Well okay, by that logic here's some "hits" from the archives:

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