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Milwaukee Bucks @ Atlanta Hawks, Utah Jazz @ LA Lakers :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 16


Rise and shine for some early morning hoops.


Good morning Warriors fans. Anyone out there awake and following this early morning double header? If not, I don't blame you. The near completion of Round 1 has closed off some of the more interesting story lines, such as the Thunder trying to upset the Lakers, or the Mavericks trying to beat their cross state rival Spurs.

Today's first story line features the mediocre Bucks and mediocre Hawks fighting to go into Round 2 to face the Magic. I suppose it would be a nice story line to see classy guy Jamal Crawford make his way into Round 2, or rookie Brandon Jennings carry his team to Round 2, but something's missing from this series to make me feel overly interested.

Today's other story line features the shorthanded Jazz at the LA Lakers to kick off their Round 2 series. I'm interested in seeing if the Lakers finally "woke up" after playing the Thunder, or if they still have chemistry issues that caused them to close the season out poorly.

As for yesterday, unfortunately, I slept right through the only game of the day, so I missed everything in the Celtics @ Cavaliers game. Based on the recap and gameflow, it looks like the Celtics had control of the Cavs for 2 1/2 qtrs. Then Mo Williams' fast break dunk that Paul Pierce couldn't catch up to ignited a Cavs comeback from down 11 pts to beat the Celtics. Since I don't know any more, here's the box score, recap and gameflow.

Box score | Recap | Game flow

Today's lineup:
Bucks @ Hawks, ABC 10:00am
Jazz @ Lakers, ABC 12:30pm

Milwaukee Bucks @ Atlanta Hawks


You can root for the rookie story, or the first time in the playoff story.

Even though this series has gone 7 games, there's something missing that keeps me from being overly interested in these 2 teams. I think it's the lack of quality, consistency, and/or intensity that's keeping my interest level low. In any case, in Game 6, the Hawks used a 27-7 run in the 3rd qtr to push themselves into a lead that they hung on to to beat the Bucks on the road to stay alive and temporarily stave off the criticism that they can't win on the road. Now it's up to them to defend their home court and close out the Bucks, or face ridicule from their fans for their Round 1 exit. Meanwhile, the Bucks know that they CAN win in Atlanta, and they'll have to do it again to reach Round 2.

Accuscore fun: Bucks 30% - Hawks 70%
Series gameflows: Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3 | Game 4 | Game 5 | Game 6

Utah Jazz @ LA Lakers


If he and his elbow can't go, it's all over before it starts for the Jazz.

The athletic Thunder made the Lakers look old and slow at times, but the Lakers patience and experience kept them ahead of the young and inexperienced Thunder. They now face the hard playing but shorthanded Jazz, who may or may not have Deron Williams. Williams bruised his elbow in the closing seconds of Game 6 and is a game time decision. I want to see if the Lakers really bring their A game, or if the Jazz will expose more of the Lakers chemistry problems that the Lakers had when they closed their season out with a whimper. The possible return of Andrei Kirilenko in Game 3 will give the Jazz another body (and a flopper), but I think the Lakers will hold on and win this series.

Accuscore fun: Jazz 22% - Lakers 78%
Series gameflows: None

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