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Taking the idea from my boy fooch at, I asked the folks at SB Nation Blog "Casual Hoya" their thoughts on Greg Monroe from their perspective. Its interesting because they watched him every day and probably know him best. Here are the responses I got....Take what you want from this but I think it would be great to do this for the 5 or so guys we could take with the #6 pick....

No problem

Monroe will be a good pro. I’m a big believer that if you excel at one thing, you will be a good pro. In Monroe’s case, it is passing. He sees the floor about as well as any person I’ve ever watched, point guards included. He would fit in well with Nellie’s run-n-gun style offense. He also will be unselfish enough to dish to Curry and Ellis, and his ability to play at the top of the key will help stretch a defense, creating room for Ellis and Curry to slash without fear of a big man.

At the same time, the Warriors already have two skinny big men lefties in Brandan Wright and Anthony Randolph, so it seems like a bit of an odd choice. Wright has been a disappointment, but I always read that Randolph is one of the most explosive players in the league. Not sure how they all fit, maybe Monroe and Randolph would complement one another?

by Jeff Green's Dad on May 21, 2010 1:18 PM EDT reply actions

Motivation Argument

He gets dinged all the time for being too passive and lacking motivation. I think those arguments are poppycock. He is not going to be a Kobe, Durant, LeBron type player so there will be no need for him to “take over the game,” in the NBA, something that idiot analysts like Gottlieb consistently harped on. despite the fact Monroe won Georgetown many games over the season.

In a situation where he is a role player on a team, I think he will excel. Double/double, 4-5 assists, 2-3 block type numbers.

His problem will be on defense when he gets pulled out of the paint by taller and quicker opponents. He isn’t quick but has good footwork.

He doesn’t have the hype Cousins and Favors have, but he also doesn’t have the bust potential that comes with those types of players. Monroe is fundamentally a great all-around basketball player, something that does not get enough credit in the score-first NBA.

Good talk.
Casual Hoya

by Hire Esherick on May 21, 2010 1:33 PM EDT reply actions

This year he was very good on the defensive glass

Something that I thought was overlooked. There were several teams who just could not get a rebound because greg was swallowing up everything. I thought his rebounding was his biggest improvement over his rookie year. Good hands, but turnover prone b/c of desicion making.

Solid post defender. Gave fits to everyone who tried to post on him, but not as good on the permiter and not a help side shot blocker type.

by bunk moreland on May 21, 2010 1:51 PM EDT reply actions

Not the best fit

for two reasons. Dont see Monroe excelling in a fast break only offense because speed is not his stength. secondly, his strength is his passing, and the warriors do precious little of it. As far as i can tell, everytime Ellis gets the ball, it’s the last time someone on his team touches it until a rebound. Monroe will excell on a team of players like him, unselfish…not the Warriors.

by magicrat on May 21, 2010 2:22 PM EDT reply actions

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