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LA Lakers @ Phoenix Suns :: 2010 NBA Playoffs Day 37


Must win, JRich. Must win.


Like the Magic, the Suns are down 0-2 against a tough opponent. Unlike the Magic, the Suns next 2 games are at their own home, so they have a better chance to avoid a series sweep. I still think the Lakers are going to win this series, but I want to see how the Lakers do on the road and whether they are as unrelenting as the Celtics are. I also want to see if the Suns can play any better at home than they did on the road and give the Lakers a real challenge.

Let's go JRich! Let's go Suns!

Series gameflows: Game 1 | Game 2

Today's lineup:
Lakers @ Suns Game 3, TNT 5:30pm PDT

Two words to describe the Celtics/Magic series that resumes tomorrow: BROOM TIME.

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